View Full Version : The MXC - Takeshi's Castle

2005-07-16, 12:45
I just felt like talking about this. I'm sure some you guys have seen this show because I have seen it's name mentioned here before. I watch it on SpikeTV, where it has been named "The MXC". What is the funniest thing you have ever seen on this show so far?

I like the event where one person has to run through a rocky trench and run into holes in the sides to avoid gigantic boulders from pushing him back and ending his run. There was this one guy who was trying to be strong so he would duck underneath the boulders and toss them up from ontop of him. Like every other contestant, he got run over by a boulder! Its hillarious!

Oh well, I'm no good at telling these stories, but lets discuss the funny stuff anyways.

2005-07-18, 08:50
This one lady who got pzowned by the one where they throw the ball up really high and you have to catch it. I believe she bent in a way no human should. :P

2005-07-18, 16:27
The happy memories of the past... this show is really hilarious, specially that Ultraman character that appears once in a while. Anyway, I don't remember what's the funniest thing I've seen in this show, but I'm telling all of you, this game show is really funny.