View Full Version : ToHeart 2 Opening

2005-07-10, 05:48
Hail to all.
I have searched all leaf/aquaplus web site for a link where download toheart 2 opening but i haven't found nothing (really, I don't know if a link really exists).
Someone Knows where I can download/see it?
Thanks and sorry for bad english.

2005-07-10, 07:29
Official sources of OPs tend to vanish after the initial publicity blitz around the release of a game, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's no longer up for download anywhere (if it ever was). Unless you want to try your hand at the 'usual sources' (of which we shall say no more), the only way to see it would be to purchase the actual game.

2005-07-13, 22:48
Well, screenshots're better than nothing, I guess. :<>


2005-07-14, 01:33
I think you can find it over at irradiance.net, look around.