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2005-07-09, 12:04
hiya everyone!

Well, my friend sent me a copy of the full version of Planetarian, but it doesn't work. It keeps on popping up this window.



If anyone could help, that would be great =D

2005-07-09, 12:14
You DO realize that by initially stating you didn't purchase a $10 piece of software, it might not go over very well with the people here who are in a position to help you?

Basically, the window at the bottom is telling you that you need to purchase a license key before you're able to play it.

2005-07-09, 12:30
-_- I'm the biggest idiot ever... >_> Well, thanks for the help.

2005-07-09, 12:57
Incidentally, the screen is telling you to purchase the game and get a key. XD

2005-07-09, 13:31
Thanks again. That's what I needed to know XD I've got to learn how to read Japanese.

2005-07-09, 20:46
It does say in English over the key buttons buy and get...;)

2005-07-09, 22:51
Man .. you guys are REALLY rubbing it in aren't cha? I wouldn't be surprised if this would be the last thread you'd ever see the username Saga!

2005-07-10, 08:13
It's a great game and I would encourage you to BUY or GET it ;)

2005-07-10, 08:42
And if you don't, we may just have to sic 最終兵器カノソ on you ...

2005-07-13, 13:47
And if you don't, we may just have to sic 最終兵器カノソ on you ...

That would definitely hunt him in his dreams, just imagining a nasty looking Ayu, spilling some nasty looking weapons of destruction and chasing you all around.... (brrrrr....)

2005-07-15, 01:18
Coincidentally, when I tried to install it on my desktop after a few months (bought it back in feb), it prompted me the same window sequence as the original poster instead of okaying the verification like the first time around, if anyone runs into this problem, just log into the bbs site with your email and password you used to buy the game. The verification should clear after this.

2005-09-02, 18:31
Hmm well this thread is pretty close to my problem, so i'll just put it here -

I'm trying to get planetarian installed onto my laptop (origionally purchased and installed onto my desktop a good while ago), but i'm running into registration issues.

I attempted logging into the bbs site as the above poster mentioned, but simply logging in didnt seem to have any effect. I also tried the option 'retrieve serial key (i think)' which was the right-most button in the little grid that shows up, however that only lead me to a page that listed the game i had purchased and a tutorial on how to re-activate your game.

I'm still not completely convinced the tutorial that shows up on that page would even help me (not that i can really read it anyways), due to the fact that it references several options which do not seem to appear on my 'retrieve serial key' page.

Has anyone else managed to get the game installed on another computer? At this point i'm inclined to believe the game dosnt want me installing it in multiple locations (which would make a certain amount of sense), but it would sure be nice =/

Sigh, about an hour after i posted i recieved an email from the bbs site which basically said "your key is ready to GET!!" ;;>_>

so apparently i did it right, but wasnt aware that they would email you first (or that it took some amount of time?)

After getting the email, i logged onto the bbs site, ran planetarian, and it worked perfectly.

but man that gave me a bit of a scare - first thing i thought when i read "thankyou for your [kanji], please confirm your downloaded software" in the email they sent me was "Oh crap! i somehow bought somthing while clicking around without reading it all first!"

2005-09-06, 15:06

Are you able to have it installed on your desktop and laptop at the same time then?

I myself bought it and installed it on my desktop computer, however I wouldn't mind installing it on my laptop as well to show people the "game" when I go around, to try to spark their interest in Planetarian.

I doubt most of my friends would have any interest in it after I described how it works to them, but I bet they would be hooked after I let them read for about half an hour or so.

So anyway, is it possible to do that then without buying another key? Or can I have it on both of my computers at the same time?

2005-09-06, 15:38
Yes, at the moment i have it installed on both my desktop, and another laptop (actually my mother's.. she's a sucker for sad stories ^^).

The first few times i tried installing it on the laptop it didnt work correctly, however logging into the bbs site with the same account you used to download the game seems to be at least part of the puzzle.

Try clicking on the right-most button (in the same row as planetarian) once you get into your account window that lists the things you've purchased. I'm pretty sure that's what prompted the site to send me the email, and subsequently allow me to get a second key.

good luck!!

2005-09-06, 16:20
Thanks for your quick reply, I did what you said, logged into my account and clicked that icon, I shortly got an email telling me something and when I clicked the "get" button in planetarian when I first ran it on the laptop it took me to the page saying something about license keys, I think it worked though. I am downloading the english patch now, I will keep you posted :) Thanks.

2005-09-06, 16:30

2005-09-06, 16:42
awesome, im glad i could help ^^