View Full Version : Galaxy Angel Games (English) announced

Village Idiot
2005-07-04, 22:17

Although Broccoli is involved in video game production in Japan, Broccoli USA will not produce or localize any video games. They have licensed out the Galaxy Angel game to another US company for localization. The “chose your own adventure” style game will feature subtitles, not an English dub, and they are hoping for it to be released next year.

2005-07-05, 00:33
Eternal Love
君に逢えた 蒼いこの銀河で
Angel in my heart
This will be interesting ...

2005-07-06, 10:54
Yeah, we knew about this at Fanime, when they said it. ANN is just being slow ;) Signs point to that Merscom company, which is a pity. It's supposed to be announced at Otakon. However, Broccoli said at AX that they are running into problems with the translation of the text.

Bust Nak
2005-07-10, 02:54
Give me, give me! I want it now!