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2005-07-01, 21:38
Just got back into my hotel room, so here's the highlights of the KOTOKO and Yamamoto Kazue panels:

First off, the announcer at the KOTOKO panel introduced KOTOKO as the singer for anime such as Kannadzuki no Miko and Starship Operators, and blurted out that both will be coming soon from Geneon. Perhaps Geneon will announce the KnM license tomorrow morning.

KOTOKO Panel(1st part, selected questions, paraphrased):
Q: Is there a difference in the way you approach writing songs for games, anime, etc?

A: When writing theme songs for game or anime, I try to value the view of the world presented within. Before starting, I go through the scenario and get the work into my head. For original songs, I try to make it my own view of the world, as straight forward from me as possible.

Q: How did you come to be associated with I've Sound?

A: "Shimamiya Eiko-senpai" thought my voice would fit I've Sound very well and introduced me.

Q: Now that you are a much larger star, do you ever miss the days when I've Sound was a small studio, and you made videos with lightsabers?

A: I'm still working with I've Sound and I'm still based in Sapporo and making music with my friends in I've, feeling the same as making videos with lightsabers.

Q: Did you write the songs for Kannadzuki no Miko from Himemiya(sic)'s or Chikane's POV?

A: I read through the scenario very thoroughly before writing the songs. As for POV, at first glance, it looks like Chikane's POV but if you look closer at it and think of all the characters, the song fits no matter which character you think about. I tried to write it this way.
Nishimura's A(I think he's someone from Geneon or her agent): We were able to analyze scenario very thoroughly. It's very difficult to get an OK from the director for theme songs. The theme songs are truly exceptional and the director gave an OK on the first try.

Q: Do you just do the music or do you look at the rest of the production, like the anime or game?

A: Well, for the games.... unfortunately, I use a Mac, so I can't play a lot of the games on my computer. I do play the ones that are compatible to Macs. For anime, I definitely watch it in front of the TV every time.
Nishimura's A: Since she can't play the games, I play the games for her. (laughter from crowd)


Secret Sneak Into Main Event Testing

I saw the final parts of the fate/Stay Night promo, and it looked brilliant IMO. Didn't manage to hear the sound, though. It ended with the "Geneon" logo, and then went into the first few seconds of resublimity before they shut it off.


Yamamoto Kazue (CEO and main artist of Studio e.go!)

The panel opened with Q&A because the video wasn't working

Q: Main characters from e.go! games tend to have very complex histories, and their eyes are visible and their voices are available. Why is this?

A: (she doesn't actually answer this, and talks about making both pretty boys and girls as main characters because people playing want to be like that)

Q: What do you think is the most important thing for being an outstanding CG illustrator? Your style hasn't changed for years and has been very popular. What is your secret?

A: I think it comes down to what I think is important in drawings. One different thing in the pieces I produce is that I use a lot of middle tones and colors. I'm very picky about drawing girls' hair to be something very beautiful.

Q: Concerning the Angel Feather anime, what age level is it? And what about the new characters only in the anime?

A: Unfortunately, the animated version will be all ages, and there will be 2 new characters introduced once I get back to Japan. The animation will be produced by the animation company making the video we'll be seeing.

Q: How many hours do you spend on each illustration from start to finish?

A: Usually about ~2 hours and if I do it quickly, it would just take 1 hour.

The video clip that was shown was the Izumo Zero OP, world premiere, before the Japanese.


Broccoli Panel

Broccoli cannot say who got the Galaxy Angel game, but they (the company) are running into difficulties translating the vast amount of text and probably can't hit the original early 2006 projection.


That's it for today. I'll report back later.

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Wow, thanks for the report!

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What does ネ甲乙 mean?!

(oh, and boo for Kotoko appearing at AX...get her to come over to Fanime~~~)

2005-07-02, 09:43
What does ネ甲乙 mean?!It would be "kami, otsu[karesama]" although each individual kanji is never pronounced that way.

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2005-07-03, 03:12
zalas no AX Shiho^W report, part 2

Today was the KOTOKO concert, which followed the Geneon Anime Festival. As predicted, the Geneon Anime Festival showed the fate/Stay night trailer (first trailer actually). Basically, fsn is a prelicense. The animation looked amazingly good, but it used a lot of shadows, so it was hard to see. Basically, there's some scene with Shirou getting lectured on the relationship between Master and Servant, with Rin coming in with this evil look saying something along the lines of 'I will kill you' (if I heard it correctly). It has a LOT of nice fighting clips, including Archer with his bow. Finally it ends with that "are you my master" scene.
Other things that were shown were starship operators OP, KnM OP, promos for the new hellsing oav, ergo proxy, etc.

The KOTOKO concert was okay I guess. It started with her singing supporation: core while dressed in a dark priestess outfit (think Jedi). They had two guitarists (one rhythm, one melodic), one bassist, one drummer, one keyboardist and two "sexy dancers" as KOTOKO introduced them as. Once supporation core ended, Re-sublimity began with the two dancers ripping off her "Jedi" outfit to reveal her Re-sublimity PV outfit beneath (which I thought made her look very much like a slut <_<). After Re-sub came two Starship Operators songs (I think), followed by Onegai Teacher opening, Agony, etc. The "last" song she sang was Wing My Way (happens to be AX theme song). Everyone shouted out her name when she left, and after half the people left, she came back on stage and did this song which I *think* is an H-game song, but I'm not too sure.

During the concert, KOTOKO pulled out these "cheat sheet" cards from her sleeve to read her English lines. She also introduced the AX Idol from last year during the concert. Her later outfits included a traditional Japanese outfit but with lots of flowery accesories or something. So yeah, it's like 4am and I need to go to sleep. Later.

EDIT: Oh, and the drummer couldn't drum very well. I think he must be tired or something, because his bass drums were lagging and not on beat. The guitars sounded really nice. When playing songs, they'd basically have the band play over the recorded song. They'd use a karaoke version of the song when available, but that was not always possible. Thus, they used a regular version of suppuration: core for the first song as backing.

2005-07-03, 06:29
Zalas, was the fate preview already subbed?
If so that would be a promising movement, they're geared up to
sell them abroad at this point where it's not even released in Japan.

2005-07-03, 10:00
The fate trailer had no subs or English text. It was the same promo I believe that was played in the Rondo Robe Anime Fest in Japan a few days or a week earlier. However, Geneon IS bringing it over to the US.

2005-07-09, 19:03
Nice report Zalas.
I know it is bit late to post this, but I was at AX too.
I enjoyed the most of it, especially the games at Arcade(Wangan Midnight!).
I was hoping to see final episode of Yukikaze, but it still weren't even relased in Japan.

My eyes were SERIOUSLY hurt after looking at infamous Man-Faye, who comes to AX every year. Someone really need to check the guy's brain.