View Full Version : Kotoko at AX

2005-07-01, 17:42
Lol, just got back from AX. I went to the Guest of Honor panel with Kotoko as the guest. During free open questioning from the audience someone asked her to go "Kyun Kyun" that was pretty hilarious when she did it. It was a reference to the theme song from Colorful Kiss. Anyone else here attending AX just give shout outs.

2005-07-01, 21:36
Wow, I wish I could be at AX. I have a pass and all, but don't have the time to make it down. :(

I really would have liked to see Kotoko. You'll have to let us all know how the concert goes (You are going, right?) :)

2005-07-02, 00:21
It's funny, Kotoko looks like she either went on a diet or got some plastic surgery because she's not the same Kotoko I see on her albums or photos. I think she's getting ready to debut as a pop star so definite makeover. She's awfully kind (and acts cutesy) in person especially during the autograph session ^_^ Her answers at the Guest of Honor panel were very much "politically correct" but in a way you could get a feel she meant it. I can share some questions/answers from the panel that I can recall off the top of my head. One was asking how she went about composing songs for games or anime. The answer she said was she would get the script ahead of time, thoroughly read through it and tried to match the game or anime as close as possible. Her favorite song she has written so far was the Starship Operators ending Chi ni Kaeru. Someone asked if she played the games she did the songs for, she replied that she uses a MAC and most games don't run under it but she plays the ones that do. (Her manager jokingly replied that he plays the ones she doesn't play for her). Then there was that Sakuranbo song reference and request for the "Kyun Kyun." Ah, there was a question about how she came to be associated with I've Sound, she replied that Shimamiya Eiko heard her voice and definitely recommended she sing. Another I've Sound related question was in relation to the questionee's curiosity why Kotoko's songs sounded influenced by Western Trance/Techno, Kotoko replied that the songs she wrote weren't aimed at being Trance/Techno but rather I've Sound's music crew were so talented in producing such songs in that genre. There were some other questions regarding I've Sound and dumb ones that kept getting the same answer like "What songs are you singing at your concert tomorrow" and the answer would always be "It's a secret." I'm going to guess only the Geneon Licensed titles will be among the song selections since she will be under their label. I don't know if I'll be able to hit the concert due to pending consensus among friends going along with me but I'd try, seating starts at 1 for the Geneon Event I think but seeing how many went to the panel + autograph session, lines would be rough (probably not as bad as the Maaya Sakamoto Concert on Sunday). She drew happy faces on everyone's autograph lol.