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2005-06-21, 22:27
In light of the current state of the 3 words thread, I thought we might try something a little more constructive.
The aim here is to take turns writing a coherent, vaguely plausible, and internally consistent story within a set of pre-determined limitations.

There are only 3 simple rules:
1. You can write up to one entire sentence within each post.
2. No non-sequiturs. Each sentence must make sense in light of all the previous posts and relate to the theme of the story.
3. Try to keep the cast as small, recognisable and in character as possible.

Just so it doesn't go on forever, let's try to complete the story within 7 pages.

The genre of the first story:
Murder mystery

Shii (?)
2005-06-21, 22:32
"Natsumi Tsuji," he breathed quietly, tracing his finger through the well-worn phonebook.

2005-06-21, 23:38
Fumbling at the student ID booklet in his other hand, he took another look outside the phone booth at its former owner, who was now lying motionless in the snow.

[I'll leave it up to future posters to decide whether it'll be a Key-related story, but it'd probably be easier to write if it was, given that the characters are pre-established.]

2005-06-22, 00:51
If this is going to succeed, he must be quick about it.

2005-06-22, 01:11
The killer was still nearby - he was sure of that.

2005-06-22, 03:08
The torn and thoroughly blood-splattered little booklet could only offer him a name, but now he hoped to find a phone number too - and soon, before either the police or the killer showed up and complicated things.

2005-06-22, 04:15
Tsuzaki... Tsushima... Tsuji. Only four Tsuji families, thank God.

[That's one sentence, honest.]
[Edit: disambiguation.]

2005-06-22, 07:17
He quickly jotted down the numbers, took one last survey of the scene, and headed off as sirens were heard coming up the street.

2005-06-22, 07:59
<center><pre>* * *</pre></center>
"The duty of the Student Body President is to act in the interests of the students" - what Kuze had failed to anticipate when he took the job, however, was that this duty extended as far as investigating the recent spate of violent murders amongst said student body, and if there was a time he regretted his lack of foresight more than during the fruitless six-hour stakeout in the cold last night, it might well have been midday the next day, after he had spent an entire morning calling up and tracking down people named 'Tsuji'.

[I defy anyone to write a longer sentence =P]
[I leave it up to someone else to write us out of a corner and come up with why he didn't just check the student records >_>]
EDIT: Errata

Shii (?)
2005-06-22, 08:07
(Not that he was complaining, or anything.)

2005-06-22, 08:22
The task had not been as unpleasant as it might have been - he had been dreading having to break the news to the Tsuji family - but he had not been required to perform that duty, since, in the event, none of the people he had spoken to had recognised the name Natsumi.

[I was going to take up the AstCd2 challenge, but then I figured Proust and Joyce had already won it. No way am I going to beat either sentence of Penelope...]
[As for the "corner", clearly someone has arranged for the records to be inaccessible in some way for some reason...]

2005-06-22, 09:19
He hesitated, his pen hovering over the police report; at least, they'd seemed to not recognize the name.

[If Haeleth is just going to ID every anonymous post that I make, I suppose I should sign in and remove all doubt.]

2005-06-22, 16:59
Pulling out his notepad, scanning his notes on the other murders, when he noticed what could possibly be a connection.

2005-06-22, 21:57
Despite the fact that none of them belonged to any clubs or societies, there had been an awful lot of students who claimed to have seen them still at school early in the evening, long after class was over.

2005-06-24, 17:59
Thinking he might be able to find the next target, he began asking the students around the school if they had seen or heard of someon who was staying after school without a proper club or activity, and if he could get the name of the student, eventually turning up one name uttered by most: Kawasumi Mai.

2005-06-25, 02:12
Frowning, Kuze began to ponder how he'd prove her guilt, and how best to step in to comfort her dear friend Kurata; so appealing did he find this line of thought that he never noticed the door softly open behind him - nor, a few seconds later, did he hear it close, nor hear the quiet snick of the key turning in the lock.

2005-06-25, 03:19
His train of thought having taken a rather risqué detour, it was only by the time half the room was filled with smoke that Kuze realized that the more substantial reason why he was feeling so hot and flustered was, in fact, because someone had set fire to a pile of papers on Saitou's desk near the door of the student body office, the greater part of which was by now merrily blazing away.

2005-06-26, 12:11
Kuze jumped and scanned the room.

2005-06-27, 09:04
Nobody else present; no obvious source of the fire; and, most problematically, an empty patch of wall where the fire extinguisher usually hung.

2005-06-27, 13:08
Quickly, in an attempt to escape, he tried the doorknob, but the door was locked.

2005-06-28, 02:36
Hurriedly, he patted down his pockets for the key, only to be interrupted by the emergence of a loud, rythmical thumping sound coming from the other side of the door - someone was patiently but determinedly striking at it with a heavy metal object, the cheap wooden door shuddering with each blow.

2005-06-28, 07:29
Leaping out of the way just in time as the door fell inwards, there hovering in the doorway right in front of him was...

2005-06-29, 13:16
* * * *

Akiko Minase opened her refrigerator door and heaved a deep sigh.

[Who doesn't love a cliffhanger?]

2005-06-29, 15:47
Throughout the school day, she had been nervously fidgeting over whether her fridge had...

2005-06-29, 20:28
...been broken into by one of the kids.

2005-06-29, 20:52
Guns were an excellent way to carry out contract killings, but Akiko, who as a mother rather empathised with the poor fellow who had to clean up the mess, preferred the use of home-made neurochemical poison - a bottle of which someone had removed from the back rack clearly marked with an almost comically large 'Do not touch!' sign.

2005-06-30, 07:36
Codenamed J.A.M., it was her secret weapon, but why would this normal mother have a nueropoison to begin with?

2005-07-04, 05:48
She smiled: that was a question to which enemies of her employers generally learned the answer in a way that -- though they might consider it to have certain terminal disadvantages -- was, at least, quick and not wholly unpleasant.

2005-07-04, 10:53
One could think that the substance had the taste and consistency of pineapple, even though Akiko had made sure not to include any...ordinary ingredients in her mix.

2005-07-14, 09:51
Its absence was disturbing, the more so because she had believed, up to this moment, that its very existence was a secret known only to herself; that it should not only have been discovered, but misappropriated for some no doubt nefarious end, was doubly disturbing.

2005-07-14, 14:02
Yuuichi walked into the kitchen, a cup with a strange mix of milk and a black substance in his hand, and took a long pull from it before rinsing it out and putting it next to the sink.

2005-07-14, 16:48
This Yuiichi was a new resident of her household,yet although he was related, Akiko had no idea what happened while they were apart, and thus she couldn't help but suspect he might have become a spy.

2005-07-14, 23:06
Looking at Akiko, Yuuichi said "I was having a stomachache, so I drank some of that stomach medicine in your hand, thank's Akiko-San."

2005-07-16, 07:30
Slowly looking down at the jar in her hand, she gasped as she realized the empty jar she held was the container for...

2005-07-16, 08:25
...a jar of stomach medicine - someone had broken into her house, stolen a most potent poison, and replaced it with harmless medicine - it seemed as though there would be more death that night, and it would not be by her hand.

[Akiko and her jam seem to have gotten the thread a little stuck. Perhaps it's time for a change of scene to something easier to write about? Also, given the recent spate of grammatically criminal attempts to torture single sentences into paragraphs, what say we raise the sentence count to two, or even three?]

2005-07-16, 10:10
* * * *

Renowned club captain Nayuki Minase was used to running. But this was the first time she had found herself running for her life, and she was soon to learn that there were enemies from which not even her famous top speed of 32 mph could save her.

2005-07-17, 22:36
Unable to turn around and get a good view of her pursuers, her feet pounded against the road as she turned a quick corner. She could still hear them behind her though as she ran desperately for the shopping district hoping to lose them in the crowd there.

2005-07-18, 08:49
In the shopping mart, Nayuki would have easily blended into the crowd, but her blue hair and 80 cm breasts that outdid most women in their late 20's in Japan as well as her own mother made her kinda stick out. Suddenly, she turned, and ran into Potato and Michiru, whom were totally not planning on butchering poor Nayuki. :/

2005-08-01, 14:36
Nayuki hastily ran by the pair, who looked curiously as she blazed past, "piko?" being spoken. Turning around they noticed a man running towards them in pursuit of Nayuki. Unable to resist, Michiru ran and tackled the guy with a flying kick.

2005-08-01, 14:47
That guy happened to be one Kitagawa, and he went down like a rock from Michiru's kick. Unbeknownst to Michiru, she had hit him in the groin. In a move very unlike her, she profusely apologized.

2005-08-01, 14:49
Kitagawa suddenly saw Kaori walking by to go visit her sister at the hospital, and he lost interest in killing Nayuki, at least for the time being, and decided to go on attempting to do the impossible, get Kaori to like him.

2005-08-03, 13:50
*Bump* Two minutes later, Kitagawa crawled away, yet again hit in the groin, only this time there was no apology, leaving an irritable Kaori to her sister-visitation.

2005-08-13, 22:28

Shiroi lay there in her hospital bed , seeemingly fine. Kaori and her were both used to these spells Shiori had, although neither enjoyed them. Glancing out the window, they noticed Nayuki run by as fast as she could, never looking back and wondered what was going on.

2005-08-14, 06:19
Meanwhile, Kitagawa crawled, humiliated, back to his own home. His mother saw him at the door and was horrified. "Why do you get none of the love?" she lamented to her son as she let him in.

2005-08-14, 06:49

Because you're the best friend character! the Best friend character ALWAYS gets screwed over and has nothing at the end XD.

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nayuki still panicking and running forward to escape from pursuers long gone, dashed into her school and down the halls. Seeing smoke start to issue from one of the doors, she forgot about running and quickly tried to open the door and see what was going on. Failing to open it normally, she rammed her shoulder against it, the door falling inwards surprisingly easy, she glanced through the smoke to see Kuze was inside the room.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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