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2005-06-21, 15:44
About the forums

People keep posting stuff I can't read! What does it say?

If it looks like this: "Fbba zl mbzovr nezvrf funyy bireeha gur jubyr bs Wncna! Zjnununun!"
Then it's a spoiler. On this forum we hide spoilers by using a simple code called ROT13. One way of reading it is to copy and paste it into http://rot13.com/. (It works both ways - you can use exactly the same method to write it.)

If it looks like this: "おい、月の言葉って一体どういうことなの。"
Then it's Japanese. Stuff posted in Japanese here is usually just silly randomness, but if you want to read it anyway, we often add tooltips to Japanese text - so try hovering your mouse pointer over it for a translation.

Can I post spoilers or Japanese?

Yes, but see above for how we prefer you to handle them. :)

Can I post a link to (stuff)?

See the rules thread for a rough guide to what's permitted. As a general rule, if it involves getting something commercial for free, or is designed to make that easier, then no; otherwise, probably yes. If in doubt, please PM me and ask.

Ack! Spambots!

Yeah, they're a problem from time to time. The current filtering system seems to be working reasonably well; I hope it isn't inconveniencing guest posters too much.

If you see a spam post, please just ignore it. In the unlikely case that it's still there after 24 hours, you might consider letting me know.

Why not disable guest posting?

From time to time people point out that most spammers and trolls are posting as guests, and suggest that disabling guest posting might get rid of them. This will never happen.

Registration is not a barrier to anyone who is determined to post. A troll can troll just as easily with a throwaway account, and spammers can and do register with ease - in fact, these days the vast majority of spam on this forum is in the form of spambots registering accounts!

What registration does discourage is the kind of passing visitor who stumbles upon a thread s/he wishes to comment on in a forum s/he has no particular intention of frequenting regularly. I want those comments, and forcing people to sign up for accounts they don't want is not the way to get them.

How do I post AAs?

If you just copy them into the edit box, the output will be off due to the default font and spacing settings. Instead, wrap them in <tt> ... </tt>, and all will be well.

About Hæleth's projects

In addition to the more general questions answered here, please check the FAQ sections of the individual game pages at the main site (http://www.haeleth.net) before asking about a game; your question may already have been answered.

In particular, there is a long FAQ section on the Kanon page (http://www.haeleth.net/kanon.html), which contains answers to many common questions.

(Key game) freezes as soon as it gets into the game - help!

Install this font (http://haeleth.net/dl/sazanami-gothic.rar). Then run the game again. And I suggest you switch to windowed mode (alt+enter) before you start playing, because there's going to be a very big dialog box blocking your view soon.

How do I get voices to play in (Key game)?

If the game in question is a CD-based version of Kanon or AIR, there's a thread on the subject here (http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=51).

If it's Planetarian, the brief bits of voice at the beginning and the end are all there is - unless you buy the package edition (on sale 2006-4-28), which will have full voice for Revvie.

If it's anything else, there is no voice and no easy way to get any.