View Full Version : Eternal Aselia -- Anime or OVA?

2005-06-19, 09:40
Stumbled on this link (http://www.aseria-jhv.com/) surfing, but from What I can read, It looks like an anime or OVA of Eternal Aselia is being released June 24, 2005.

2005-06-19, 13:43
Just at a quick glance, it seems it's an ad for a DVD/VHS release or something. Run it through Babelfish and you could possibly get an idea of the specifics.

What's the significance of the title, anyways? It doesn't look like anything I've ever heard of.

2005-06-19, 14:19
Kouryuu: yep, it's the much-delayed OVA.

GSL: I'm surprised you haven't heard of <cite>Eien no Aseria</cite>. It's possibly the most popular recent adult bishoujo strategy game. Go read the <acronym title="Ren'ai Mailing List - see rules thread for the link">RAML</acronym> archives, you'll see plenty of people raving about it. ;)

2005-06-19, 14:59
I'll have a look at it then; strategy games are always a good thing. ^_^

Just one question - excuse my ignorance, but what's RAML?

2005-06-19, 16:41
Yea, I've been wanting to pick up and play the game since I saw the PS2 copy on Himeya Shop about 2 weeks before its release.

Unfortunately that little language barrier exists, so I haven't yet, but I've been following the disscussions about it on the Ren'ai Games Yahoo Group, and All I've heard is ravings. (for a link to the group refer to Haeleth's Forum Rules post.)

2005-06-27, 13:11
Ok, so the OVA is supposedly out now, so heres the question:

has anyone found a site to buy it from yet?

2005-06-27, 13:31

2005-06-27, 13:54
O.o $43 for one episode? is that the usual price for JP DVDs?

2005-06-27, 13:59
Anyone know if it uses the same opening theme as the game?

And yeah, that's actually cheap for an R2 DVD, most anime DVDs'll run you more like $60. :P

EDIT: Yeah, it does. Overall it was decent, I guess... the pacing was quite strange, but that's expected for fitting what's hours in the game into a 30 minute OVA. :/