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2005-06-10, 10:41
I had the chance to talk with one of the representatives from RJP Pro concerning their upcoming release of the Tenbatsu! Angel Rabbie OAV and Game(!) during Fanime. Here's the general scoop:

As of now, most of the main stuff needed for the release has been done, and all that needs doing is mastering the DVD. Right now, the guy doing it has been too busy going between cons and going to Japan that he hasn't had enough time to finish it. He's hoping that it would be available by the end of summer and before Otakon. Currently, he's still working on getting through to retail distribution channels, since distributors want previous product performance before accepting new products.

For some background information, Rabbie was originally featured in the bishoujo game by Kogado called Angelic Serenade. She was so popular that they made a spinoff game for her, called Magical Twirler Angel Rabbie, a sort of magical girl take on Rabbie. The game was pretty much linear, and simply involved reading a fairy tale like story along with a baton twirling action sequence, where the user had to help Rabbie twirl a baton. Eventually, an OAV was made about Angel Rabbie, with a totally different universe using the same characters. Following that, an online detective novel series was made.

As to the game localization, the representative said that it had turned out to be more work that he was expecting. Basically a lot of time was spent on formatting the English text and modifying the code to make the standard font an English font. The Japanese company gave RJP Pro the full source and materials for the game, but the game was built on multi-layered libraries, making changing the font a bit more difficult. He even commented that it might have been easier to just reverse engineer the EXE than to dig through the plethora of interwoven libraries. Another amusing thing to note was that the code was fairly commented, but there were two programmers working on it, and the main programmer didn't know Japanese, whereas the other programmer did know it, but was 40 miles away.

All said and done, I'm looking forward to this release to see one of the first clean AVG style games brought over to the US, and I guess the representative will be glad to get the Rabbie figures out of his garage. ;)

2005-06-10, 12:46
Hmm, magical girl-themed games aren't really my thing, but it's really nice to see another upcoming English release - and even better, something that's not mindless smut like almost everything else we've gotten, barring the AnimePlay DVDs and... well, that's all I can think of, really.
Heck, if it gets good enough reviews I may have to open up my wallet for a copy just to support the English visual novel scene, such as it is.

2005-06-10, 18:38
Lookin forward to it, especially after playing Angelic Serenade... *sniff

2005-06-10, 19:58
Comparing Serenade and Rabbie would be akin to comparing black and white.

The first tugs (Read: wrenches) at the heartstrings, while the other's alittle too lighthearted and comical. Should be interesting though. I'm not too sure I get the "twirling" concept though: specific mouse manoeuvres in tune wit music maybe?

Anyway, its good to see something from Kogado finally in English. Traditional Chinese is torture on the eyes and brain

2005-06-10, 23:43
Well, I'll be keeping my eye out for it at Otakon this year then. Maybe I'll devote a section of my Otakon stockpile to it...

2005-06-11, 15:19
Wait this company is localizing Kogado/Kuroneko game? Screw Rabbie, bring over Symphonic Rain! :D

2005-06-11, 19:04
Ha.......... but in that case they might as well bring over Serenade as well.

What I DON'T understand is the reasoning behind bringing over Rabbie. The anime OVA wasn't rated very highly by Western audiences (I'm only basing this off stats from various sites I've been visiting), and that could hurt sales.

Then again, they could also bring Angelic Concert: Encore over first to ground the story since they are, after all, connected.

But yeah, シンフォニック=レイン最高! Been a personal favourite since December.

Though I wish the Chinese version had the Internet Ranking function. Begging T-Time doesn't help *sighs*

2005-06-11, 19:38
Honestly, even if it would end up sucking, I'd get it anyway, just to support any kind of visual novel getting brought over here. I definitely think marketing it with the anime is the right decision, though, it'd never go off by itself.

2005-06-12, 02:41

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