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2005-05-26, 12:55
EFZ=teh fun but the combos are hard to do, can anyone help?

2005-05-26, 13:09
Practise? :p

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2005-05-26, 13:30
Uhh... I refer you to http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=263 for all subject matter involving Kanon/Air doujin games.


Here's a move list and a basic combat guide.


Alternative link to get there if GameFAQs is still being jerkish.

2005-05-27, 17:34
They're generally not particularly difficult to do - nothing like KoF combos. Light, Medium, Medium, Heavy, Special Move works for most characters - experiment in practice mode to see what combos with what.

2005-05-27, 18:58
KoF combos are complicated, it's hard to execute and needs a lot of practice to achieve it. EFZ combos are more likely the same with MSH, MvsS, MvsC, MvsC2... err... not making any sense. I mean Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom II and so on....

Like LP,LK,MP,MK,Down+HP,Down-Forward+HK,Super no. 1... I'm straying away from reality....

now I know why Kanna has a curse... I curse her because I couldn't beat her in level 4 hardness, couldn't even beat her using herself... oh the horror... she's bullying every character I use ~_~

2005-05-27, 19:56
Kanna is very easy.

Just throw her. She doesn't have any throw moves so it is safe to go near her.

2005-05-28, 08:21
That works well Keisuke, but how about those who want to beat her using straight up brawling?

I find that Nanase with the stick works the best, since one swipe does 2000 damage to Kanna.

2005-05-28, 08:52
If you can get close enough to Kanna so her devestating wing/sword attacks arc past you, technically you should probably be able to kick her butt. Kanna is also somewhat vunerable in the air if you can get at her from the right angle and height, since she floats.