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2005-05-24, 00:27
Hail to all.
I know the love that forum have for the little Revvie of Planetarian...
Then I found two wallpapers of the game. I hope someone enjoy.



I dont'know if they are presents in key official web site... if it is so I'm sorry for this useless post!

2005-05-24, 17:10
Wow, those are the ones at holy crap by holy crap resolution! I think I need to look into getting me a larger monitor.

And those are the images available on the Key site, but thanks for hosting them anyways!

2005-05-24, 20:50
yeah I'm using the second wallpaper. been using it for the last 4 months. luckily for me, my natural resolution is 1280x1024 :P

2005-05-24, 22:44
Now if only someone with l33t Photoshop skillz can take the CG's from the game and make a kick ass wallpaper for us Planetarian fans here... hehehehehehe

2005-05-25, 00:42
I've got the CG of Revvie after she defends you.... I enlarged it with photoshop to 1519 X 1050 (yea i know those are wierd numbers, oh well, my native res is 1680 X 1050)

If anyone wants the file for their background or editing let me know. The quality still looks really nice on my screen.

2005-05-25, 18:34
Oh, that would be a pretty sad image to constantly have staring at me from my computer screen... :'(

2005-05-31, 15:18
waaaah, planetarian is sooo saaad :(

2005-05-31, 21:03
here's another one ...


2005-06-02, 21:13
Oh, that would be a pretty sad image to constantly have staring at me from my computer screen... :'(

yea it was... waking up to that before going to classes.... T.T it didn't last long as a desktop background.

here's another one ...


O.o *changes desktop wallpaper*

2005-06-03, 11:42
here's another one ...

http://moeboard.net/db/moe/20050531-111754265455.jpgThis is pretty nice, too bad there's JPEG fragmenting.