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2005-05-20, 01:42

i am new to this community and have a question.

i have seen a trailer of air -movie (i loadet 8 windows media streaming videos from somewhere. i would like to know how the name of the song, that is playing in the first trailer.

i couldnt tell where i have the trailers from (but i know, that i found it in this board), but at the end of the trailer, there is the "air2004.com" website link.

maybe have someone else here saw this trailer and can tell me the name of the song.


2005-05-20, 02:04
The song you most likely heard was Aozora. It is track 23 on the Air soundtrack.

2005-05-20, 04:51
thanks for the answer.

do you know where i can get that dvd (in europe..) i am from austria, and even in anime shops, there are no bishoujo game audio cds :(

2005-05-20, 05:06
http://jungle-scs.co.jp/en/ are generally pretty good for anime/game soundtracks, and they ship to Austria.

2005-05-20, 06:40
hmm it wasnt aozora. aozora is the backround busic for 6 trailers but 1 and 8 had a song in the backround, where a woman is singing. i remember this song from air tv. i think its the one thats playing in the last episde, beforce the end (finish).

edit: its the song played in http://air2004.com/asx/p04080007_bb.asx and http://air2004.com/asx/p05030006_m4k4_bb.asx

2005-05-20, 07:48
Um, that's Aozora.

2005-05-20, 09:36
it's Aozora, like AstCd2 said (or replied? or typed? or whatever) before, it's track 23 of the Air BGM (Orange Disc or Disc 2)

2005-05-20, 09:53
ok thx. i was just a little confused, because i have loaded several versions of aozora, and not one of them sounds like this song.

i guess i have to buy the cds now for only one song :)

how much euro are 3000 yen?

2005-05-20, 10:17
About €22. (xe.com is a decent online currency converter.)

Alternatively, if you have the game, you can just extract the song from that.

mr. aufziehvogel
2005-05-20, 10:53
hmm.. interesting. i didn't have the game. hmm but i think it's wise to buy the game before i buy the audio cd :)

is the game fully translatet into english?

will it run on a win xp, athlon 1000, 640mb, geforce 5200fx with japanese settings (win)?

i had no problems with demos etc. (planetarian, wonder cradle)

is there a demo for air game? (with english patch?)

sorry for asking so much..


2005-05-20, 11:05
is the game fully translatet into english?
No. There's a partial patch that kind of works for one scenario in certain versions, and a project to translate the rest is in progress.

will it run on a win xp, athlon 1000, 640mb, geforce 5200fx with japanese settings (win)?
Yes, no problem. Under XP the DVD version will run better than the old CD version, but the all-age DVD version hasn't been released yet.

is there a demo for air game? (with english patch?)
No. But if you imagine one of the demos you played, only with the story you saw in the anime, you can pretty much guess what it's like.

sorry for asking so much..
No problem - that's what the board's for!

2005-05-20, 11:16
i have a few (really) last question: can i buy the all ages version of air without fearing to miss something important, that is includet in the adult version (not H-scenes, but new storylines etc.)

are the dreamcast/ps2 versions of all-ages air the same as the all ages PC version?


2005-05-20, 12:07
Technically the all age version is better, since the h-scenes in AIR doesn't really fit very well. Ask Haeleth for Key's "infamous" sex scenes.

Besides, the PS2 and DC version have voice acting!

2005-05-20, 22:06
Dreamcast and PS2 versions are the same All-Ages variety as the PC version (as are the Dreamcast and PS2 versions of Kanon, incidently), and there is no 18+ version of the game available on the consoles. As Maceart said, they are voiced as well, although the Dreamcast version of Air (and possibly Kanon, I've heard, although I don't have it to verify) only has partial voicing - the girls are voiced, sometimes, but Yukito isn't, while the PS2 version is fully voiced.

If you're looking to pick up the console version, I'd recommend the Dreamcast version simply because it's cheap (if you're an eBay person, there happen to be about 4 or 5 copies on there right now, with the most expensive being about $10 USD, and almost all of them ship worldwide) and it's far less hassle to get imports running on a Dreamcast than a PS2. Plus the Dreamcast version supports the VGA Adaptor, so you can view the game in all its original 640x480 glory! ;)