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2005-04-25, 00:51
Hail to all.
I'm an ignorant one, cause I'dont know a single word of japanese (and probably a very bad english). The problem is that I don't have the time to ends One trying all the choices (I ends ToHeart at 100% in this manner without knowing a word of japanese) so I'm aking to myself (and now to forum's people) where I can get a save file of one for obtain all the CGS.
Someone can help me telling me a site where download the save or someone can give me his?

Thanks and sorry for bad english.

P.S.: But someone is planning to translate one? Thi would be Great...

2005-04-25, 01:05
First Edition

Full Voice Edition

2005-04-25, 09:21
Thank you very much!

(what a stupid reply... but really thanks!)