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2005-04-24, 12:13
Hey, does anyone know of an English Faq for AIR Raid and AIR Raid ~Summer~? And if not, anyone know how to unlock the new characters (hopefully not by beating it cuase I'm getting my ass whipped >_>;;)?

2005-04-24, 13:31
No FAQ, but I can translate the unlock requirements for you from their site.

Classic AIRRADE:

Practice Mode: clear with any 1 character (any difficulty)
Score Attack: clear with Michiru
Endless Mode: clear with Misuzu, Kano, and Minagi (any difficulty)
No-Punch Mode: clear without punching (any difficulty)

Michiru: clear with Minagi (any difficulty)
Misuzu & Sora: using Misuzu, clear without killing any of the Misuzu clones in stage 5
Kanna: collect 255 of Kanna's feathers

Or clear the game without punching or shooting (timing out on all the bosses) to unlock everything at once.


Practice Mode: clear with any 1 character (any difficulty)
Score Attack: clear with Michiru
EX Punch Mode: clear with Yukito (any difficulty)
Summer Mode: clear with Uraha (any difficulty)

Michiru: clear with Minagi (any difficulty)
Haruko: clear with Misuzu & Sora (any difficulty) (the makers' webpage is wrong on this one, possibly deliberately?)
Hijiri: clear with Kano (any difficulty)
Misuzu & Sora: see the game over screen 20 times (any character, normal or practice mode)
Uraha: clear Hard (any character), or play 50 times (any chara, difficulty, and mode)
Kanna: clear Summer mode (HA!), or play 100 times (any chara, difficulty, and mode)
Misuzu: clear with Kanna, or play 150 times (any chara, difficulty, and mode)

Or you can type "AIRRADEALLCHARACTER" at the character select screen then back out to the title screen to quickly unlock everyone, but that would be cheating and you'll probably feel awful later (not to mention losing your primary incentive to keep playing).

If you want some general hints for playing:
-Don't shoot! (Mostly) You should be mostly waiting for the screen to fill up with enemies then punching or using your Terrible Air for points and hearts.
-Try to make every punch an EX punch -- tap forward just as the punch comes out. You'll get more powerup items this way. Of course you won't be able to pull it off all the time, but the more often, the better.
-Terrible Air rocks; use it pretty much whenever you have enough enemies onscreen to power back up afterwards.
-For most characters, you want to get right up in the boss' face. This'll increase your firing rate as well as make sure every shot hits. It means the difference between timing out and a fast, simple clear with Minagi; Michiru can take down some bosses this way before they even get a chance to attack.

Hope that helps!

2005-04-25, 10:25
Curious, does anyone else play this game with a Joystick, or am I the only one?

2005-04-25, 10:28
I want too! Unfortunately, I dont have one. I'm thinking of buying one though, cuase I have AIR RADE installed on my laptop, and I dont know how muchof a beating my laptop keyboard can take^^;;.

2005-04-25, 10:35
I personally use a Microsoft Sidewinder[/Windowsjunkie]. You might want a smaller one for the laptop, though.

Or clear the game without punching or shooting (timing out on all the bosses) to unlock everything at once.

Only a ^*(&ing lunatic would try to pull this @#@!.


*Goes off to try it*

2005-04-27, 12:54
ive unlocked all the things in airrade summer with out cheating expect for Haruko which i couldnt get seeing as the site is wrong
p.s i use a gamepad

2005-04-29, 13:57
O.o this game sounds like lots of fun! Where did you guys find it? I wanna play too!

2005-04-29, 14:17
You can get the demo here (http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/studio-siesta/airrade_air_dl.htm).

2005-04-29, 14:56
Sweet! thanks a lot!

2005-04-29, 21:24

Wah! its so good!! i want the full version now....

2005-05-06, 12:27
Classic AIRRADE:
Or clear the game without punching or shooting (timing out on all the bosses) to unlock everything at once.

Wait, is that even possible? Don't you have to shoot out Michiru as a mini-boss in the third stage?(When she's running along the bottom and shooting stars at you while attempting to kick you to death)

2005-05-09, 14:29
I've just downloaded the demo for this and it's good, apart from not knowing the controls with keyboard at all... And for some reason triangle on a Playstation pad is automatically start and fire.

Anyone know any English translated sites where I could get the full version at all?

2005-05-09, 14:41
Here (http://www.himeyashop.com/product_info.php/products_id/824)


Summer (http://www.himeyashop.com/product_info.php/products_id/825)

2005-05-09, 18:00
I think there are are few things I should clarify...

First, the demo Haeleth linked is for their upcoming sequel, Airrade Air, and not the original. While it's not terribly different in terms of mechanics and is still a very good indicator of whether you'd enjoy it, do be aware of that. (Incidentally, Studio SiestA does still have the demo for the original available for download here (http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/studio-siesta/airrade_taikenban.htm).)

Second, Asmadi's first link is actually just another demo for Airrade Air. I haven't played that version personally, but it should have 4 levels (3 from the upcoming game, and one exclusive to this demo) and 3 characters playable, versus 1 level and 1 chara from the free demo. Not bad, but with Himeya's markups plus shipping... well...

While Himeya doesn't seem to carry the original any more (and I'm not sure it's still available new in Japan at this point either), Studio SiestA did release a patch (http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/studio-siesta/airrade2.htm) a while back that lets you play Summer on its own (as it was originally an add-on that required the original to run). Personally, I find Summer much preferable to the original anyway, and the only things you'll really be missing if you go this route are Endless Mode, the intro movie, and the ability to see the endings without having to endure the hell that is Summer Mode.

And since I think someone may ask, no, I don't think there's a set date for the full version of Airrade Air yet. I think the nice folks at Studio SiestA need to learn to fill out their applications for convention spots correctly first. ;)

2005-05-10, 14:18
-Yes the original is still available in Japan
-It's a bit annoying to start with Yukito in Summer
-I don't think filling out applications for conventions is the only reason why its not done...

2005-05-13, 14:16
Thanks for telling me where to find these. ^_^

...And just what is Terrible Air?

2005-05-13, 14:44
hee hee. if you playing it on your computer, When you have full power up, hit the "c" key.

You'll clear the screen. Just make sure theres enough enemies so that when they all die, you can get most of your power back. because you lose it completely otherwise.

Kanna's plume
2005-05-13, 23:54
AIRRADE AirVer. seemed coming soon...

2005-05-20, 05:01
hmm i have loaded the airride demo and now i am loading the summer_playable patch". what did i have to do with that? updating the demo, or is it a demo?.

download from the japanese site is soo slow (6kb/sek (and that for 68mb :P)

did anyone know another server that has this demo?