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2005-04-18, 14:30
I'm sorry, but I'm still not clear if Version .57 of the patch works with Kanon: Standard Edition. Does it?

2005-04-18, 14:47
It doesn't. It won't work with the rerelease versions because they use a different game engine.

2005-04-18, 19:47
It won't work like zalas said.

However, according to Haeleth, the final patch will work on DVD Standard Edition.

2005-04-19, 03:12
I guess that you have to wait a little longer than everybody else to start playing the game ^_^

I think it's worth the wait though. I wouldn't wanna play the game only to get left out in suspense at the 57% mark. Kinda like watching an anime episode that ends in a TBC which airs the next week (Naruto fans might know what I'm talking about!).

In the meantime, just keep yourself busy with zalas's AIR patch .. oh wait .. that's not ready either! Only time will tell if it's worth the weight ^_^

2005-04-19, 14:04
He he. I haven't bought ANY version of Kanon yet. Now that I know the SE won't work with ver. .57, I think I'll wait until the complete, SE compatible patch is out, and THEN buy my copy. That way, if I fall it love with the game and want to play it all night until I get every ending, I can.