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2005-04-12, 18:52
Have any of you found any good remixes of any of the Key game BGMs? All I found in my search was the Yakusoku Tr_10 speed mix...

2005-04-12, 20:28
AIRRADE's BGMs are really nice.

2005-04-12, 21:49
This band, 403, made a sortof remix/medly of various Kanon tunes; scroll to the bottom of the page to download it.


2005-04-12, 22:19
The rearrange CDs that came with the limited editions of each Key game (Anemoscope, Ornithopter and the unnamed one for Clannad) are quite good.

Clannad also has a variety of extra CDs which contain vocal rearranges of some of the more popular tracks, the best of which are Sorarad, Sorarad Append and Memento. You can probably get the latter through any places that stocks Key music (some of them might be limited to convention retail), though the former is most likely unobtainable now that all three limited editions are out of print.

Apart from those, there are any number of doujin remixes of all three games' soundtracks. The Japanese auction sites or any of the growing number of online doujin retailers might be a good place to start for those.

2005-04-13, 02:44
the unnamed one for Clannad...
...do you mean Mabinogi? :p

2005-04-13, 02:51
the unnamed one for Clannad...
...do you mean Mabinogi? :p

That's the one (or so Google tells me).
In my defence, though, Key didn't actually list what it was called on their site =P

2005-04-13, 05:25

Personal favourite site for Key (fan) remixes. Quality ranges from abysmal to great .

2005-04-13, 16:27
Can you point us to a few of the great ones? ^_^;

2005-04-14, 03:16

Tori no Uta: Symphonic Level 3 (Search for 鳥の詩~オーケストラLv3~) and Last Regrets Floating Style version 3 (Search for LRFS ver.3) , though it really depends on your tastes.

For people who like more orchestral intruments (Piano, violins), here's the link to uno's excellant works

But I bet some of you already knew of this place.

Another place: http://page.freett.com/ziki_7/musique_l.htm

2005-04-14, 03:17
Try TwoToneColor (http://www9.wind.ne.jp/twotonecolor/main.html).

2005-04-18, 16:10
Since I posted it on AnimeSuki forums, I might as well post it here...

This is my string quartet (I think it's quartet, might've been quintet) synthesized remake of Natsukage that I did a while back.