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2005-04-04, 07:45
http://www.hongfire.com/gallery/data/527/11899hisui.swf its saying something in the background and i was wonder if anyone knew what it was saying

2005-04-04, 08:38
It says (at the right) brainwashing detective <kawasumi> (or her name here, of course there can be several readings)
At the left "The culprit is you"
...what was this for anyways....

2005-04-04, 09:38
it said something about mesmerising

2005-04-04, 10:59
All I hear is 'hannin wo anata desu.'

I believe this is a joke from a typo in the original Tsukihime game, where instead of writing 'the culprit is you!', Mushroom Eggplant wrote 'I make you the culprit' or something. Ask AstCd2 for details <_<;;

The right says 'Brainwashing Detective Hisui'
The left says what's being said in the audio.

2005-04-04, 13:19
The original Tsukihime contained a number of amusing typos (such as お部屋をお連れします), the most infamous of which was


A number of references to Hisui's supposed brainwashing powers can be found in fan works, and even in Melty Blood.
The correct line, as zalas says, is 犯人はあなたです. Ah, the difference that just one character makes =P.

Brainwasher Detective Hisui: