View Full Version : Quick request for Haeleth

2005-04-02, 17:36
Could you put the censor patch in the Kanon downloads section so that it's easier to find? I seem to have lost it and I'm hoping to install Kanon somewhere where HCGs would, let's say, not be appreciated ^_^;

Others might benefit from having it there too, so might as well, right?

See, I told you it was quick ^_-

2005-04-03, 00:26

Well K, I know you are desperate to solve your problem, but you could just send him a PM if you had a personal question/request like this...

I've unlocked the topic just incase if someone would like to discuss about this.

2005-04-03, 02:07
um...I am curious. does this patch block out the hcgs in all areas, as in the game itself and also in the CG section itself?

2005-04-03, 03:26
I'm not really distributing that patch any more. It was causing problems with other aspects of the game. And since it wasn't affecting any of the translated sections, and a more flexible and robust censorship system is built in to the upcoming final patch, I judged that the number of people who would actually find it useful would be pretty minimal...

2005-04-03, 13:21
wooo the final patch has quite a lot of features eh? It even has a censor ability XD I'm really looking forward to the patch

2005-04-03, 18:43
Now it would be a really amazing patch if it could censor Kitagawa. Entirely. ;)

2005-04-03, 19:39
Uh. So what should I do in the meantime then? ^_^;

2005-04-03, 20:19
somehow figure out a way to get the all age version? you can always try the illegal way =)

2005-04-03, 20:26
Since Haeleth has explained on what he is planning to do with the censor program, I will lock this topic now.

2005-04-04, 09:41
Uh. So what should I do in the meantime then? ^_^;
You can blank out the large versions of all the adult CGs by opening a command prompt in the PDT folder and typing FOR %f IN (AY12 AY13 AY14 AY15 MI11 MI12 MI13 MI14 MK12 MK13 MK14 NY12 NY13 NY14 SR12 SR13 SR14 SR15) DO copy /y SIRO.PDT FG%f.PDT
But that won't blank out the thumbnails in CG mode (although my old patch didn't do that either) and nor will it remove the text that accompanies the adult scenes.