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2005-04-02, 02:57
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 | Given the (marginally) increased level of awareness        |
 | of ONE here at Hæleþes áwendende, I thought I'd put   |
 | up a little thread for the discussion of the Key Staff's        |
 | old project. Feel free to offer your opinions, questions,  |
 | pictures, jokes, and anything else here.                                             |
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2005-04-02, 10:11
I wanted to say this for so long Acchin...

Your avatar provokes me so much.

2005-04-02, 10:23
Is that 'provoke' in a good way... or a bad way? ^^;

2005-04-02, 10:33
I couldn't resist...

2005-04-02, 11:17
I am currently playing ONE and I really like what I am seeing right now.

Nagamori Mizuka is very cute and very supportive (maybe TOO supportive) character. But... Damn you Kouhei.... I really wanted to beat him up while I was playing Mizuka scenario when he was being a total loser towards Mizuka.
I have to say she is my favorite main-heroine that Maeda has created (Before Mizuka, Ayu was my favorite for a long time).

Nanase Rumi must've been a popular character. Popular enough to even appear in Kanon.
But I am not really a fan of Nanase. (I am not planning on playing her scenario either. XP)

Akane... She is a lot like Mai and Minagi. She is the "coldest" heroine in ONE in my point of view. You can just consider her as Dark version of Mai or Minagi. Oh and Akane has side-kick(like Mai has Sayuri, Minagi has Michiru...) call Shiko.

Misaki-senpai is my favorite character in ONE(so far). I really enjoyed playing through her scenario. She is probably the most unique and special renai game heroine that I've ever seen(along with Mio). What makes her so special? Play her scenario and you will find out instantly. I really don't want to give away any spoiler regarding on Misaki (Hint: On CG, look for the difference between the sepai's eyes and the other's) .
Ohg frevbhfyl... Jul vf fur nyjnlf fb uhatel...??

So far, I've watched 3 endings; Nagamori, Akane, and Misaki-senpai.

Nagamori and Akane's endings were good, but I really liked Misaki's ending. V whfg pbhyqa'g uryc zlfrys ohg gb pel (orpnhfr V jnf fb unccl) jura V fnj gurve bja tenqhngvba ng gur raq.

If you liked Kanon and AIR, I highly recommend you guys to play ONE as well.

I have nothing against Watsuki's Nagamori drawing (in fact, some of Watsuki ver. characters look better than the Key's), but I prefer Itaru's Nagamori ^^;;

2005-04-02, 11:36
Damn, good job spotting that reference... I don't believe I've ever seen that brought up before.
I wouldn't put it past Itaru to sneak her in there, either.

As horribly deformed as that one particular tachie of hers looks, I do agree that Mizuka is indeed one of the better drawn characters.

2005-04-02, 18:18
Is that 'provoke' in a good way... or a bad way? ^^;In a very, very good way.

2005-04-02, 20:13
Speaking of One -> Kanon recycling...

Spoilers (?) (http://www.roflol.net/meow/compare.jpg)

2005-04-02, 20:27
That just made my day.

Although it loses against the Kanoso smiling Ayu pic.

2005-04-03, 04:59
Am I the only person who thinks that girl in some of the classroom backgrounds looks a lot like Akiko-san?

Oh - and Shiori > Senpai > Minagi > Mio > Mai > *.

2005-04-03, 05:20

Akiko-san, or just a pretender to the throne?
You be the judge, folks.

2005-04-03, 08:06
Nah, she looks more like Akane with purple hair.

2005-04-03, 11:32
Y-you see, I'd purchase/play the game, but it's in JAPANESE (As far as I know) and I'm a monolingual moron, and I'm not sure if it'd work on my Win XP.

Any chance for a XP friendly version/a translation? (Turns to Haeleth)

2005-04-03, 11:41
just change your xp's language setting to japanese.. and weren't you forced to learn a second language in high school? lol

2005-04-03, 12:23
I sucessfully learned/forgot spanish.

2005-04-03, 12:37
Any chance for a XP friendly version/a translation? (Turns to Haeleth)
I'm pretty sure the 2002 re-release works on XP. It's certainly fine on 2000.

As for a translation... it's on my list of things I might consider when Kanon's done. But the data files look pretty nasty...

2005-04-03, 13:26
Any chance for a XP friendly version/a translation? (Turns to Haeleth)

The full voice version does indeed work on windows XP.
As for a translation... well, I'm glad to hear it's not totally out of the question ^^;

2005-04-03, 18:51
I've alluded to this before, and wholly expect to be laughed at, but I am more than willing to help take on a translation project of this sort, provided there was someone who could dump the raw Japanese text - I have nearly no programming skill. I am working on my third year of college Japanese (the point where everything just clicks and you find yourself actually being able to use the language) and have access to several different print and electronic translation aids, as well as some native Japanese friends/roommates. Added to that, I'll hopefully be studying at a Japanese university for half of a year this coming fall, so I'd relish the chance to improve my vocabulary/Kanji prowess, especially over the summer when there are no classes. I can't promise the work would be remotely fast, but I'd give it my best!

2005-04-03, 19:26
I am more than willing to help take on a translation project of this sort,

Would that include the Air translation project?
Uncle zalas wants you! (AAry

2005-04-03, 20:21
I'd actually be more inclined to help with Air than One - while I'd like to see One translated more, I'd actually be able to get a hold of a copy of Air for testing/editing, etc. without resorting to some strange voodoo summoning ritual or Yahoo! Japan proxies. Sure, having the game wouldn't be a necessity, but it would sure help for getting a feel for how things look translated...

2005-04-04, 16:50
I was thinking of taking on ONE as a project a while back, but last time when I was doing some research, Haeleth informed me it that there were no tools to dump the script file from the DVD Rerelease. So I just kinda slacked on that >_>;;

Really, Uncle zalas is recuiting? o_O....
Or is he really drafting X3?

2005-04-05, 01:29

2005-04-05, 01:41
往時か? そらおじさんより悪いんやろ?

2005-04-05, 04:54

2005-04-05, 15:21
Blame zalas. ネタ無し、オチ無し。 :p

Returning to the topic... in case nobody's guessed yet, I've been playing this again myself lately. Which is reminding me of various things I never figured out.

For one, would anyone happen to know what the code in Kouhei's textbook is? Looks like BASIC, though the resolution's a bit too low to read it easily.

2005-04-05, 22:56
Would it be possible to post a shot of it? Or would that be copyright infringement? ^_^

2005-04-06, 01:36
Oh, sorry.


Like I said, too small to read... I was hoping one of you 2ch denizens might have seen it mentioned there or something. ^^

2005-04-06, 01:49
Looks like assembly to me, with some instructions squished together onto one line. The left part definitely looks like DATA -1,-,1-,1, etc., and that is how I see data laid out in my TI DSP programs and in IDA.

2005-04-06, 01:50
It's a little odd to see programming there at all, given that the page purports to be about 流通事情 - sounds more like economics to me.

2005-04-06, 01:51
Maybe it's the distribution system machine code for Planetarian >_> GENIUSes they were! <_<

2005-04-06, 06:19
At first when I saw it I thought "Oh yeah, definitely BASIC." I mean, you have line numbers on the left side! (For the person who mentioned assembly, at least in x86 assembly such numbers are not commonly there). If it's not supposed to be programming it looks like a written out list.

Anyway, it could be an unrelated thing stuck in, possibly even BASIC as you thought... you know in Gundam Wing at one point Heero is reading a file on a computer, and if you look at the screen it's the help file for using a twain 32 device!