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2005-04-01, 19:27
Unn, sorry but are there any CLANNAD walkthrough out there? i am stuck at 26 april where i always end up with the first screen (new game, load game) whenever that date end (i've tried 2 different path, first is nagisa, and tomoyo, and both scenario ended at 26 april.. i know i'm not good at this games but still i want to follow the story, gezz i've play about 20 hour, goin back and forth but still end up at 26 april ... kuyashiii ><

so if anybody know a website where a clannad walkthrough is avalaible..or if someone have a walkthrough themself.. can u guys help me? thank u very much

2005-04-01, 20:06

2005-04-01, 20:11
Thank you.. that was a very quick reply, hopefully i didnt have to go back to the main menu at the 26 april now..