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2005-04-01, 14:56

Hooray for everyone's favorite Shrine Maiden from AIR!

It's a good thing we'll see more of her in that SUMMER special coming up :D

2005-04-01, 20:48
Question: is 神奈備命 her full name? Or we only know it as 神奈? If so, how would 備命 get translated to, seeming that there's an 命 at the end?

2005-04-01, 22:58
I suppose its her full name, seeing that all the officials address her as such. I don't recall any official titles ending with those characters.

Then again, I could be wrong .....

2005-04-02, 00:03
I'm not quite sure about what 'bi' means, but 'no mikoto' is often a suffix attributed to deities. There is an actual Kannabi no Mikoto shrine in Japan, I believe...

2005-04-03, 06:19
Though I don't have an certain knowledge about that as well, it's written in my archaic words dictionary so, 神奈備 means 神の山(mountain of god),神の森(forest of god), or 神域(sacred region/sanctuary?). There are some places called 神奈備 in japan. 命 is a politely given name of a person or a god.

It seems an official position name rather than a personal name. If read it literally.

2005-04-03, 10:48
It doesn't matter; Kanna's awesome anyway it goes. *Hails*

Is it gonna just be a buncha AIR shorties featuring Kanna (Much like CN's The Clone War's was of Anakin/Obi-Wan) or like a scenario before Summer's events?

|<@|\||\|@'5 @\/\/350|\/|3 b3c@u53 1t'5 t3h 0|\|ly \/\/@y 1 c@|\| B3@t |\/|y 515 @ EFZ BME. |)@|\/||\| h3r t0t@lly @bu5i|\|g th@t u|\|k|\|0\/\/|\| g1rl.

EDIT: DAMN spantitle. For those who can't speak l33t: Kanna's awesome because it's the only way I can beat my sister at Eternal Fighter Zero: Bad Moon edition. Damn her totally abusing that unknown girl.

2005-04-03, 13:17
The story will consist of parts of Summer that were cut out of the TV series for one reason or another. It doesn't seem from the trailer that they'll actually be adding anything that wasn't in the original scenario.

2005-04-05, 00:51
Does that mean it's going to be like Kazahana?

2005-04-05, 01:04
Well, only the in the sense that it's 'new footage'.

It'll be different, however, in that:

1. Rather than being an awkward attempt to write and tie together five original epilogues, it'll be comprised of plot elements that were actually in the original Summer scenario. Thus, I'm hoping that it'll cohere better with the main story.

2. It won't have Kitagawa. =P

2005-09-17, 02:13
I have to say... Kanna has definitely gotten some nice treatment in the SUMMER episodes...

"... it won't .... go in .... any more .... "
"... any more ... and ... I ... "
"... jba'g or noyr gb rng nal zber ... "

2005-09-17, 03:45

Normally, I would whack heads at this moment, but seeing as Kanna actually got some in the movie, i'll let slip.

*notices the released Elder God.
Dammit, Cthulu, stay in your sealing circle!
*goes to subdue Cthulu.

2005-09-17, 09:27
I have to say... Kanna has definitely gotten some nice treatment in the SUMMER episodes...

"... it won't .... go in .... any more .... "
"... any more ... and ... I ... "
"... jba'g or noyr gb rng nal zber ... "

haha god that was one of my favorite moments from the extra series ^^