View Full Version : Kanon in full english!?

2005-03-31, 19:30
now that Kanon is licensed I guess we could soon enjoy Kanon in full english.... I'm guessing Air would also follow...

but Haeleth, it's a pity eh? all that hard work gone..
I do hope your next project will be very smooth

2005-03-31, 20:03
Oh my God, and so close to finishing!


Uh, what kind of releases does G-Collections do? DVD games, or normal games?


2005-03-31, 20:10
WHAT? WHO? WHERE?? I missed something, and logged in to check the forums when I noticed the message on the main page! Does anyone have a link with details?

2005-03-31, 20:11
Fourty dollars says this is a hoaxs.

2005-03-31, 20:14
That's why I'm wondering - it IS April Fool's already over there... ;)

2005-03-31, 20:14
I say Haeleth is pulling out legs. Look on the date: April 1st, 2005. Something seems wrong...

Anyway, G-Collections has nothing on Kanon, so probably it's a hoax.

2005-03-31, 20:32
Just a couple of ways to spot an April Fool's prank

For entirely different reasons:
1. No one in their right mind would consider translating Kanoso
2. No one in their right mind would consider translating KimiNozo =P (ducks)

[EDIT: Upon checking, the screens are all direct conversions. I must have had the second menu in mind. Nonetheless, my point about KimiNozo stands. =P]

2005-03-31, 20:42
http://www.haeleth.net/kanon.html <-that, and this page hasn't disappeared, nor has it the Kanon thing crossed out. XD

But damn, you had me for a second there, Haeleth. Very good trick.

edit: Anyone going to bet that Hippo = Haeleth?

2005-03-31, 20:46
hey though, it would be hillarious to see anything from the Kanoso line being translated though X3

2005-03-31, 21:16
I think it would be awesome if someone translated Kanoso. ^__^
I figure, if this is an April Fools Joke, then Haleth is still translating Kanon, and we win.
If it's licensed, then it gets a commercial release and we win, and Haleth does Kanoso, which means we win again.

However, I doubt he'd want to take the time to work on two projects in parallel, so we'll probably never see an English Kanoso.

Unless someone with text-dumping and programming talent wants to start a Kanoso translation project? :3

2005-03-31, 21:35
LOL i got wtfpwned eh?
meh i didn't realise it's april 1st already... i guess it's a joke afterall...
i mean... meh~
it's a relief to find it as a joke though... I was about to delete Kanon.. lol

2005-03-31, 21:38
Oookay Are you guys done talking about it now? ^_^

Topic is closed then.

P.S. I will be honest. I thought Haeleth was being serious about licensing issue. XP

2005-04-01, 01:33
*sigh*... revealed already... ;_;