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2005-03-30, 14:37
This may look like an odd thing to ask, but it would be rather useful for me to have some idea how much people would miss this feature...

2005-03-30, 14:59
You can move the text window? ?:|?

2005-03-30, 16:47
I'm with New, I had no idea this was a feature!

That being said, I like it in it's current place, and wouldn't really have any use for moving it elsewhere in the game window.

2005-03-30, 17:13
The only thing I like to do is to hide it when I wish to take a better look at the CGs...

2005-03-30, 17:14
The only thing I like to do is to hide it when I wish to take a better look at the CGs...
Same here.

I had no idea you could move it either.

2005-03-30, 17:17
hahaha, I didn't know you could move it. but yeah. I prefer it to be in its current place.

2005-03-30, 17:41
In spite of having played dozens of these games, I must confess my ignorance regarding this text-window moving feature. How does it work, exactly?

2005-03-30, 17:43
Tested. Apparently, you click and hold the border of the text window, and you can drag it.

Gee, that's dumb. I mean, it's a big bar; where ya gonna move it to?

2005-03-30, 18:00
I've known this for half of the time I've played Kanon and AIR...'cuz I was experimenting a bit. But before that, no, I had never known it had existed.

Most of the CGs are a bit optimized so then the text bar is great where the default settings place them.

2005-03-30, 18:58
To be honest, I think the part it covers right now is the nonessential part. It's a large enough part of the view that.... putting it RIGHT on characters' faces or on settings shots? The art is kind of suited for it staying where it is. I didn't know it could be moved... such a feature would be nice to KEEP I suppose, but seriously, I knew about hiding (though I don't do it) and I don't think it'd be convenient to move it... it'd get in the way then. Hiding it for full shots sometimes, but moving it, no.

2005-03-30, 19:19
Moving the window is completely useless to me... as long as I can hide it when I want to.

2005-03-30, 20:01
Hmm, is there an option for "I like to move it about 10px down into the corner"? Voted for moving it back as the closest option; losing the ability to lose the message window would be inconsequential. Does anyone like to move it to just in front of the eyes?

Assuming you are asking because of the text layout fun - I like to change the border (to no border, option 4) too.

2005-03-30, 23:24
Keep the window where it's originally supposed to be. Much neater that way.

2005-03-31, 00:10
In much dating sims/H-games, I leave the message window where it is, as long as there's a quick shortcut button or key to hide it so I can see the 立ち絵 or CG quick.

2005-03-31, 02:36
Standard position for me. Hiding on the other hand is of course essential.

2005-03-31, 03:01
Don't ask me why you can move it in the first place. All I know is that Kanon Standard Edition is the first and only RealLive game I've ever seen that has a movable text window, which implies that someone at Key thought that it was an important enough feature of the original to justify putting it in the remake too...

Anyway, the reason I want to know is that I need to be able to calculate exactly where the text is on the screen, if I'm going to be able to implement hypertext. AVG32 has a handy function that will tell me where the window is, but I can't find an equivalent feature in RealLive - so if I can assume the text window will be in the default position, my life becomes a lot easier.

2005-03-31, 03:37
Standard position seems to be the best position...doesn't cover too much of the essential details, and hiding of the window is rather useful at times.

2005-03-31, 07:19
Yeah, if its a hassle to get that stupid text box to move, dont even worry about it ^^. It seems like the majority of us didnt even know it was possible XD, so I doubt any of else will miss that function.

2005-03-31, 07:33
I am reminded of the time when a silly oversight on my part in installer generation had the Anonono engine displaying the text window on the upper left. Admittedly, it did make for interesting reading (the position of the window, not the irredeemably bad writing in the script ...), but, um, yeah, I think I prefer the default position better ^_^

2005-03-31, 07:53
Come, come... Anonono wasn't irredeemably bad. Unless you're talking about the H scene previews. X_x;

Somewhat OT, slightly related: there's a new Kinetic Novel out, "Trance Kiss". Hardcore shōjo, so unlikely to be to many people's taste here, but technically interesting: it's given me the syntax for bitmapped characters at last! Hurray!

2005-03-31, 16:28
OT: Shoujo isn't really my style (okay, not at all) but how are the other Kinetic Novels? Has anyone played them? They all have trial editions for download, right?

2005-03-31, 16:48
OT: Shoujo isn't really my style (okay, at all) but how are the other Kinetic Novels? Has anyone played them? They all have trial editions for download, right?

Discussion and reviews for the two novels after Planetarian can be found on some of the earlier threads (whose titles elude me at the moment). The general opinion seems to be that they're all quite decent (plotwise if not artwise). There were certainly demos up when they came out, but I'm not sure whether you can still get them.

2005-03-31, 17:01
Standard Position. I never had any problems with it.

When I want to take a good look at CGs, I just use right click to remove the text box.

[edited left click -> right click]]
Aldareon: It was typo, okay? ^^;;

2005-04-01, 22:13
I agree. Left-click? I thought it was right click .. oh well. Haven't played in over a year .. still waiting for a full release ^_^