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2005-03-28, 10:06
Brand new, comical side-story of Kanna.


Well, as you can see... Animators have decide to make another one.

It will be on August 20th(real summer this time XP)

裏葉, You naughty woman~ XP

Image credit goes to Color.egloos.com

2005-03-28, 10:57
Eh?!? I wonder how that will end up =o

2005-03-28, 13:27
Director's comments:

Seems like it'll cover some bits of the journey cut out from the TV series and show the feminine aspects of Kanna. I wonder if KyoAni will include it on the DVDs?


2005-03-28, 14:41
Well this will be nice. I've yet to watch Air 12 but I thought the series was thoroughly amazing, though at 12 episodes it's over far too quickly. It will be nice to see the old characters revisited, and will give me something to anticipate once the current crop of anime I'm viewing winds to an end.

Is there by chance a larger scan of that ad floating somewhere? Also, has any mention been made as to what format the show is going to be - i.e. ~13 ep. half-season, a few OAVs, etc.?

2005-03-28, 15:58
From what I heard, this Air Anime is will be a part of BS-i Summer special programs.

2005-03-28, 16:49
It'll first be shown at the TBS Anime Festival.


2005-04-01, 03:12
Trailer キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ッ!!

Juggling! Chickens! Seduction (推定)!
Gaze upon the visage of Kanna-bi-no-mikoto and rejoice.

EDIT: I can't offer you a link to the trailer itself, but I'm sure you'll see it available in the 'usual locations' soon enough.

2005-04-01, 03:23
Awesome, we get to see the part where the rooster chases Kanna! :-D

I wonder if it will be the usual ~23 minutes, or since it's a sort of special one-shot, if they'll make it an hour or something.

2005-04-01, 03:28
Seduction (予定)!
So that's what you meant by "show the feminine aspects of Kanna"... 変態ロリ助平ぇ~!

2005-04-01, 04:07
This sounds cool...more Kanna! :D