View Full Version : Air Character Poll [The 1st Summer]

2005-03-16, 04:25
As our polls seem to be the only threads attracting posts lately, I've decided to pop one up for our popular TV show du jour.
Debate and discuss your favourite characters with impunity, and then blame Haeleth when they don't win =P

[EDIT: うわあぁ、失敗しました。 吊ってきます。
I can't seem to edit the poll to include Kanna and Uraha anymore. If either Keisuke or Haeleth have some kind of administrator level magic wand to fix it, that'd be great. If not, I guess you'll have to vote per post.]

2005-03-16, 04:43
The magic wand of INSERT INTO has duly been waved. (I've also taken the liberty of slightly reducing your level of rudeness towards poor Haruko. She's not THAT old!)

Though, given the presence of Potato, I suspect this poll is a foregone conclusion... particularly with the TV series emphasis. Poor Uraha, half her best comedy moments cruelly excised from the anime...

2005-03-16, 05:12
Yukito and Potato win hands-down. Part of it could be the fact that Yukito had no idea WHAT sort of creature Potato was for nearly an entire episode... ^_^

Although the Kanna/Uraha duo is pretty excellent as well, like Uraha's attempts at defining 'family', or Kanna trying to do the beanbag juggling game (the name of it escapes me currently).

2005-03-16, 07:00
*hope he clicks on the right places*

Nagi-chan and Michiru had their moments. They win it for me...

2005-03-16, 07:11
I dont know, drunken oba-san won it for me.
"My EYES!!!!!!!!*
(Imagine the hiragan for 'me'... but I dont have Japanese support on this school computer so... yeah >_>;;)

2005-03-16, 07:30
"Namae wa?"


2005-03-16, 07:30
Yup, drunken oka-san kicks it in the clutch.

Seriously, though. Your polls are missing something mine have; silly/sarcastic/related comments with all the options. ^_^ XD

2005-03-16, 09:43
I vote for Misuzu and Haruka. Just because the ending of the game with those two becomes...very...heavy..

Although I was tempted to vote for Saika as pedobait, but thought the better of it.

2005-03-16, 12:59
Minagi. Although she really messed up my head while I was playing her scenario.

2005-03-16, 13:15
Yukito, that guy is just elite

2005-03-16, 20:53
Saika isn't getting teh wub.

All jokes put aside, I think that Kanna and Uraha have my vote...they stick together.

Literally. XD

2005-03-19, 01:46
Well...if they DID stick together....Kanna can't fly. The scene at the starting of Air 08(or was it 09?), the one in which Ryuuya did something he wasn't supposed to do...the way Uraha reacted... :D I kind of missed the spring/lake scene though... T_T