View Full Version : PalmKanon & Translation Patch

2005-03-04, 01:43
So after deleting nearly everything on my poor old Palm IIIc to free up enough memory for the 6.8Mb PalmKanon files, I try convert my installed, patched all-ages edition (the conversion .exe for PalmKanon looks for the gameexe.ini file) but come up with some random error in the conversion program. Pulling the gameexe.ini file from the CD works just fine, and the game is actually runnable (if not readable) on my Palm.

I realize that my description of the error is lacking in its entireity, but I can't read it. If it helps, I can attach a screenshot, but I'm hoping there's someone who has come before me that might have some trick to getting it to work or a confirmation that yes, it is currently impossible to run the patched translated Kanon with PalmKanon.

2005-03-04, 02:31
As far as I know, you're the first person to try. ^^

I suspect it won't be runnable, simply because it appears to convert the game data to its own format instead of implementing AVG32, and in that case it's extremely likely not to know what to do with a lot of the parts of AVG32 I've used that the original didn't. As I don't have a Palm and there's no source code for Palm Kanon available that I can see, I can't say anything very certain, however.