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2005-03-03, 10:14
how do i get the music from the game
i got the disc but how do i "extract" it

2005-03-03, 12:02
Not much info for me to go off of there. I assume that you want to rip the music off the game CD and onto your hardrive/a music disk.
The simplest and most universal method would be(If you're using Windows) to go to Windows Media Player and simply click "Rip CD".

If you want to rip it to another format or are not using Windows, then an alternative is to get Music Match or some other program and find out how to rip it from there(http://www.musicmatch.com/).

If this isn't what you wanted, then I'm sorry ^^.

2005-03-03, 18:55
or you could always buy the cd

2005-03-03, 19:18
adun: he has the disc, so by definition, he doesn't need to buy it and "presumably" already has ;).

If this is the original Kanon or all ages Kanon of before (not the recent standard edition releases using RealLive ... is your game executable "AVGsomething.exe" or "RealLive.exe" in the Kanon folder on your hard drive?

If it's AVG(something).exe, then simply treat the Kanon game disc as a music CD and search for and/or use software that rips CDs to MP3 or any other format (Windows Media Player should work fine). Tracks 2 and on will be all the game music.

If it's the RealLive version... well, I'll let someone else cover that, seeing as I have Clannad but do not have Kanon standard edition in front of me or firsthand experience with it, but I'm *assuming* that like Clannad it's using a file format for music storage, one that people familiar with RealLive can tell you more about extracting the contents of.

If you're using a Dreamcast or PS2 version, that's something I have no personal experience with, so somebody else is going to have to pipe up in that case.

... I think that covers all the variants.


2005-03-04, 01:31
I think adun50 meant the Kanon soundtrack CD. Which contains additional tracks (like the full versions of "last regrets" and "風の辿り着く場所") that might make it worth the money. I'd recommend getting KANON arrange best album "recollections" and Kanon/AIR piano arrange album "Re-feel" first though. ^^

The RealLive version stores the music in the BGM folder, in exactly the same .nwa format as Clannad uses; there are plugins for things like Winamp that can play it, or various tools to convert it - alamone's nwa2wav (http://www.ayashii.com/) may work, I can't be bothered to check. ^^

2005-03-04, 05:00
sorry, yeah I meant the OSTs as they are worth buying. was in a rush to get ready for work :P

2005-03-04, 14:34
thx i got it now

also what are the PDT files?

2005-03-04, 14:59
Those are the graphics.

2005-03-05, 00:20
is there a way to get the graphics from the PDT files?

2005-03-05, 03:29
Susie (http://www.digitalpad.co.jp/~takechin/download.html) combined with a suitable plugin (http://cgi.ngy.3web.ne.jp/~myakita/ifpdt.shtml) should do the trick.