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2005-02-27, 01:49
First things first - hello to everyone! I just registered after lurking for the past two weeks or so. Within about the past month and a half I have been thoroughly overwhelmed by taking in the amazing stories told in the games by Key and the animes based off of them - despite having owned Air on the Dreamcast for about a year and a half! I've recently flown through the Kanon anime (which has to be one of the most touching and depressing anime I've ever seen), played nearly to the end of Ayu's scene on a borrowed copy of Kanon (sadly, my kanji powers are too weak for me to venture far beyond Haeleth's excellent translation on my own), and am currently awaiting Air 8 to arrive on my hard drive.

What to do for now? Why, join the forum, of course! And I had hoped this would be a bit of a 'hello!' present, but I'm sure many of you are already aware of it... Still, for those who aren't, it looks like the 8th of April will bless us with the Air Standard Edition on DVD at a discounted price similar to Kanon's. This may be the time for me to descend upon Himeya and order them both in one fell swoop!

The link, for all who are interested: http://www.product.co.jp/soft00.asp

I just hope there is an all-ages release as well, I'm not to keen on the H parts... :(

Anyways...  どうぞよろしく、みんな!

EDIT: And upon looking in the Key Staff Diary thread not 6 posts below mine, I find this already announced.

True, but as it wasn't announced in the Key Staff Diary it doesn't really belong there. So let's keep this separate. Yours, the Powers that Be.

2005-02-27, 05:30
Welcome, and thanks for providing an easier-to-find link to that.

I think it's probably safe to assume there'll be an all-age equivalent out later, as happened with Kanon.

2005-03-08, 15:47
The AIR standard edition has now been announced officially on Key's page. Price will be 3,800 yen (so it's more expensive than the Kanon standard editions), and the release date is April 8th.

The Key site also confirms that there will be an all-age AIR standard edition. No release date is given for that yet.

2005-03-08, 20:41
Price will be 3,800 yen (so it's more expensive than the Kanon standard editions)

Wow... 3,800 yen... Sure it is 1000 yen more expensive than a Kannon, but it's still a amazing price if you remember how expensive AIR originally was...

2005-03-08, 20:58
I'll have no problem with a ~$40 sale price, considering the original one.

But then you have to factor in Himeya's "rape the foreigner" surcharge. -_- It's still about the same price as any commercial PC release over here, but knowing something sells for about $10 cheaper than what one is able to purchase it for can leave a bit of a sour taste in one's mouth...

2005-03-08, 21:06
now a question to think about, will the Air Translation Project be working on the RealLive version or the AVG32 version still?

2005-03-08, 21:53
It'll all probably support the RealKLive version depend on Haeleth's utilities and how much extra effort zalas wants to put into his translation effort ^^.