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ID of Fei
2005-02-21, 15:18
it's a shame that the previous thread was locked... (the one linking to that thread in gamefaqs)
but, i e-mailed the guy who posted the message in gamefaqs, i thought i might post something here too...
what i have is an almost complete tool that will rip text from and reinsert (in some shape) text to Da Capo Plus Communication's .mes files... what i need are people to help with translating the text

well if anyone thinks they can help, email phoenix_rising_000@hotmail.com

2005-02-21, 15:59
...if you have the tool, and the guy on GameFAQs has the translation, isn't that all you need? ^^;

ID of Fei
2005-02-21, 17:06
never count on just one person unless that person provides the goods...
this person might not reply... this person's translations might be worse than babelfish translations... well we'll see... but either way, this game WILL be translated.

Omgwtflolz V
2005-02-21, 19:00
I've posted a link to this in that GameFAQs thread.

2005-02-22, 03:56
Well, if anyone does want to help Mr ID of Fei, they have his address... I'm not sure there's really anything else to talk about on this subject here.

Good luck with the translation.