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2005-02-10, 20:38
A friend was playing my copy of Clannad and ran into this error that would freeze the game.

Shes currently using the full install and not using the DVD (just running Clannnad through REALLIVE.EXE) and she describes the error occuring when:
"basically, it's in the middle of a dialogue, Haruno says, "Don't you understand the importance of Ryuta sandwich?" or something like that, and then your character says, "Ryuta?""

Unfortunately, the game just closes itself now and doesnt report the error message, so I cant copy and paste it, but if anyones encountered this problem before or its been documented, any help would be appreciated.

2005-02-11, 01:52
Odd. RealLive normally freezes when it finds an error - I've never seen it close itself.

First thing to try is reinstalling the game, in case one of the files is corrupt.

If that fails, go into the <tt>savedata</tt> folder and see what happens if you delete <tt>reallive.sav</tt> or <tt>read.sav</tt>. Back them up first; deleting the former will wipe your settings, reset the CG viewed counters, and other undesirable things, and deleting the latter will cause the game to forget which text you've viewed so far. Your actual saved games will not be affected, however.

If that also fails, add the line <tt>#MEMORY=1</tt> to the top of <tt>gameexe.ini</tt>, and you'll either get an error message, or when the game freezes you can press F8 and hopefully there'll be an error message at the bottom of the debug message window that pops up... which may give some hint as to what the problem is.

(BTW, the guy's name is Sunohara, not Haruno. ^^;)