View Full Version : Anyone read the Kojiki?

2005-02-09, 18:14
Kojiki, or 古事記 is supposedly a really old Japanese document written in a combination of Classical Chinese and Japanese songs rendered into kanji X_x

I just took a look at it and now I have a headache x_X
Some really antiquated stuff, but still kinda amusing. Like one of the Japanese names apparently uses a kunyomi pronunciation for the first character, nanori for the second, and onyomi for the third ^^;

2005-02-10, 01:06
No, and if I did my head would probably spontaneously implode. I've come to grow an allergy to ancient Japanese texts, you see.

Seriously, though, after I read a kojiki text it might as well be Chinese to me. Meaning that I could make a barely educated guess at what it means, at best :/.

2005-02-10, 06:50
Wonderful zalas. Though even I have not read this (translated into modern Japanese) through all.

I can't read original (http://www.let.osaka-u.ac.jp/~okajima/kojiki1.txt) even though I'm native. I too had a head ache. Chinese people may be good at old records than me.

2005-02-27, 13:23
What's a nanori reading of a kanji? I'm familiar with kunyomi and onyomi, but never heard of nanori before.

2005-02-27, 16:30
I'm going by the different classifications that KANJIDIC gives, and in that case, nanori is used for names.

2005-02-27, 16:55
Yep. Strictly speaking nanori are the subset of kun'yomi that are basically only used in names. Like how just about any kanji can be read "akira" or "takeshi" if you really want to.

2005-02-28, 03:08
This is why I don't like male names that much -_-;; The female names tend to be more systematic.

2005-02-28, 06:50
> GreatSaintLouis

For example, 水瀬 名雪 : Minase Nayuki.

Her family name's "Mina" is the nanori reading. It's neither Onyomi nor Kunyomi. ;) (though probably it's in Kunyomi in wide sense)

2005-03-28, 16:33
I read a translation, but it was interesting enough of a read. Some of the legends within really make the recurring little quirks you see in anime and games make more sense.