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2005-02-09, 09:04
キタ━━━( ゚∀゚ )━(∀゚ )━(゚  )━(  )━(  ゚)━( ゚∀)━( ゚∀゚ )━━━!!!!


The third in the series is from Amedeo, one of the minority ren'ai game makers that caters for <small>girls</small>. So this game is 女子向け, i.e. the game equivalent of shōjo manga. The very title can be translated as something like "torn between my boyfriend and the other guy". (Don't look so worried, the protagonist is a girl. The player will, however, spend more time looking at hunky boys than cute girls, so any males whose masculinity/sexual identity feels threatened at the very concept are welcome to stop reading here.)

On the subject of the game itself: first thing to note is that unlike the other kinetic novels, KareKare is interactive. You get to make choices from time to time which appear to be going to determine which of the boys you end up with. The choices are hardly subtle, and don't seem to affect the story greatly.

I mentioned the story in a previous thread. Quick recap: Mizuho Shiraishi, the protagonist, an ordinary schoolgirl, joins the kendo club because she kind of fancies the captain, Wataru Kawada. They go on a ski trip with Wataru's twin brother Kakeru and a girl called Ayumi. As you'd expect from a game that describes itself as "horror/romance", everything suddenly goes horribly wrong, with the ski lodge they're staying at being snowed in and a mysterious disease killing people, while Mizuho gets very confused over which of the boys she prefers.

It's nicely drawn, nicely scored, and seems to be about as well written as any shōjo material (i.e. too much internal monologue, but it's nice to have a protagonist who doesn't refer to herself as 俺 for once). I'll try and get round to reviewing it properly when I've had time to finish the demo.

2005-02-09, 13:52
Shoujo manga involving a mysterious disease that kills people?

Screencaps? ^_-;

2005-02-09, 14:44
Kakeru and Ayumi just before boarding the coach.

Kakeru shows his true colours. That's Mizuho (i.e. you) on the right.

2005-02-09, 16:11
the art is definately nice, much more my style than Maiden Halo

2005-02-10, 00:50
Looks interesting. Looking forward to your review!

2005-02-10, 06:49
なんか、Haelethさんまで2chに感化されてますな^^; それはそうと。

It looks fun. Closed lodge, continuity murder, who is the criminal, and what is the truth of astonishment, I like such elements. Though the genre's scenario is difficult to produce because of it tend to nonsense or too realistic (and boring).

Especially I notice perversive sexual harassment atmosphere that I like from the younger brother. Oh, give her more embarrassment! I love hentai guys!

Oh, ..er.. ehem. If Haeleth appraise it is pretty enjoyable, I will also buy it.

*suppress raising my hand*

2005-02-10, 07:40
Sadly, the demo ends before anything particularly frightening can happen. There's a shadow at a window, and a glimpse of a girl in an apparently empty room, but both are sort of explained away.

The text does a very good job of creating a feeling of isolation and claustrophobia, though; I'm interested in the characters and setting enough that I'll be buying a copy when it's released on Monday.

As for the 犯人... my money's on 神代, the 管理人 of the ski lodge. Charming old men who live in isolated buildings in the middle of nowhere are never up to any good, mark my words. ;)

2ch病も伝染性の奇病ですからね。 やっぱりzalasとAstCd2のせいで引いちゃいました・・・ あんまりあそこに行く事も多くないのに・・・

2005-02-10, 11:54
But what about the monk in Ah! Megami-sama?

2005-02-10, 15:21
I like how Kamishiro tells everyone to not enter any room other than their bedrooms, but apparently doesn't feel like locking any doors. Also, "hey it wasn't like that last ti--- NEVER MIND oh hey mizuho let me セクハラ you all over this place".


It wasn't that bad, but I think I'll wait for some reviews of the whole game before deciding whether to buy it or not.

2005-02-10, 19:25
I also played the demo. Younger brother wasn't very pervert, though. However, when he is a too foolish character, the game doesn't become horror so much.
Kamishiro's face is so weird and he walk outside with wearing apron. He is very weird... (It's circumstances of production side)

------ Another story follows ------

Though the counterattacks are scared me when pointing usage out to the such hard workers.


You wanted to mean 引く to influence/affect? Then, usually I express it(口調/話し方が)移る or 影響を受ける.

私も気がつくと ○| ̄|_ とか使ってたりするんで。2ch恐るべし。


mona? kamona?

Japanese doesn't use past tence together with かも(uncertainness) so much, expect express assumption/supposition.
So either ブキミすぎるかも(only uncertain) or ブキミすぎだった(only past) are more natural.


2005-02-11, 00:17

mona? kamona?

I actually meant "also" with that も, but now that I think about it I should've probably used it after だなんて.


I've decided to actually use more Japanese myself on some message boards (not necessarily this one), regardless of mistakes, to improve my Japanese, so believe it or not I do appreciate you correcting me. Good luck with improving your English; if you stick with it and look at how other people use English I'm sure you'll improve a lot.

2005-02-11, 02:57
There's one review of the full version up already if you follow the review link from kineticnovel.jp. Someone called 紫藤晄 gives it 3/5, and comments that the main problem was that it wasn't quite clear what the boys saw in Mizuho... and also that 「ホラー系が好きな方には物足りないかもしれません」.

I also played the demo. Younger brother wasn't very pervert, though.
Don't sound so disappointed. :p

You wanted to mean 引く to influence/affect? Then, usually I express it(口調/話し方が)移る or 影響を受ける.
あ、わかりました。 教えてくれてありがとう。

違うと思います。 Nanatuhaさんは日本語が生来パーフェクトですから、訂正する立場があるはずでしょう。


2005-02-11, 04:32
> Korgath

Yeah, to use language needs practice. Only to have knowledge is not enough. How many grammar mistakes did I write that I knew it's wrong. My mischievous fingers make mistakes while I lose my attention.

I've learned the preposition today and I'll find the chance and use those practically.

I merely had thought that to point out someone's mistake with explanation include another mistakes is a little comical. ;)

違うと思います。 Nanatuhaさんは日本語が生来パーフェクトですから、訂正する立場があるはずでしょう。

(例 人を殺める、より危めるのほうがより正しい漢字だったのか!)

I'm not perfect. I also sometimes remember incorrect meant of Japanese words. If opponent is a person who very studied with dictionary, I also have to need check my accuracy. Otherwise I might give him wrong explanation.
*An example of my incorrect memory.*
If I can help someone, I would help him ... but am I really understanding content of conversation? That is the problem. XD


Ouch! thanks for teaching.

2005-02-11, 04:53
Thread's course change.

When I visited the <a href"http://kineticnovel.jp/beginner.html">site</a> to check the review.

They are mistaking own title ber...

I'm made to laugh even outside the game.

2005-02-11, 04:55
I forgot link.

2005-02-11, 08:38
キネティックのベル = 運動の鐘? (笑)

Bought and downloading the full game as I write this. Review as soon as I have time to play it. In the meantime there are plenty of reviews up at the official site now, mostly positive.

2005-02-17, 06:44
Hehehe. I yielded to temptation and bought this. Though I'll restrain any spoilers till the review will be written by Haeleth.

2005-02-17, 14:35
Say, if you can make choices, what makes it a "Kinetic Novel" instead of a normal SLG?

2005-02-17, 14:44
Presumably the price, the short length, and the distribution channel?

...will get round to playing it soon, honest... ^^;

2005-02-17, 17:34
Say, if you can make choices, what makes it a "Kinetic Novel" instead of a normal SLG?
You know, it's a fast-moving chimer ... *runs*