View Full Version : I've lost my music!

Arcane Azmadi
2005-01-27, 16:34
I'm having a bit of trouble in Kanon at the moment- the music won't play. It's never worked terribly well, having a tendancy to stop after a few loops and locking itself up and not changing with scenes whenever a movie (i.e the snowy dream sequences or opening) plays, but now it simply doesn't play, the same as if I was playing without the CD. It happened after I got another visual novel, Kana ~imouto~, which gave me a bit of trouble on the installation (and now also has no music when it should). I tried reinstalling Kanon (after backing up my saves) but it hasn't changed anything, nor has clearing Kana ~imouto~. Has anyone else ever come across a problem like this? I originally didnt' play with the music and it didn't bother me, but you know what they say- you never realise how much you'll miss something until it's gone.

2005-01-27, 16:57
Can you play music CDs on your computer at all now, or is it just a problem with games?

You've probably checked this, but just for the sake of going over all the really obvious problems - is the CD audio output on your sound card muted or turned right down? One slightly less obvious thing to check is whether it's set to use digital or analog output - in Win2k this is an option in the properties page for the CD drive in Device Manager, and most people want it disabled.

Let us know if you've tried all that and/or it doesn't help, and we can move on to the advanced stuff. ;)