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2005-01-26, 13:21
how comes the translations stop after the 24th?

2005-01-26, 13:24
Because the patch isn't finished yet.

2005-01-26, 13:54

2005-01-26, 18:27
Heh, you're lucky cause whatever character you choose actually goes that far. For me it ended at the 20th and the 21st.

20th for Makoto and 21st for Nayuki.

2005-01-26, 18:32
You should choose more wisely! It's documented in the readme <strike>who the best characters are</strike> which scenarios go furthest. :p

2005-01-26, 18:40
I'm getting around to it, I'm going to try Shiori's storyline next, then I'm going to try Ayu's since Ayu's storyline was pretty thoroughly told in the Kanon anime...(Or I assume it was...if they are anything alike...still find it weird how in the anime he had Ayu's hairband magically...) then I might see what's up with Mai and Sayuri.

I don't know why, but Mai and Sayuri really don't appeal to me...maybe it's because Mai has a giant sword and swings it around at demons wildly....*Fears for his own head*. Wait a sec...Kanon's a game...that's right...anything that could possibly happen in the game doesn't effect me in real life....*snaps back to reality*

2005-01-26, 18:47
That's too bad for you then =P

I went for Mai not knowing that she happened to have a longer translated part XD

2005-01-26, 20:47
still find it weird how in the anime he had Ayu's hairband magically

remember, in anime, anything can happen :)

2005-01-26, 23:00
Actually what put me off from playing more Kanon is that I went into Mai's storyline and figured that it actually dragged for so long ~_~

Sayuri's a goody-goody two-shoes, it's both bad and good in a sense...