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2005-01-22, 17:55
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AIR Movie Official Site: http://www.air2004.com/
AIR Movie Trailers: http://www.air2004.com/trail.htm
AIR Movie Scenes: http://www.air2004.com/bg.htm

Showing date: February 5th, 2005
Man I feel like a 2ch addict.

2005-01-22, 18:00
Random AIR-related stuff including English info about the movie that zalas was too modest to link to: http://www.cjas.org/~zalas/AIR/moin.cgi/AIR

Man I feel like a 2ch addict.

2005-01-22, 19:36
Previous thread: http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=59
AIR Movie Official Site: http://www.air2004.com/
AIR Movie Trailers: http://www.air2004.com/trail.htm
AIR Movie Scenes: http://www.air2004.com/bg.htm

Showing date: February 5th, 2005
Man I feel like a 2ch addict.

The new trailer does look quite promising, though it'd probably be foolish to expect the movie to bear too much resemblance to the game in terms of plot.

2005-01-22, 20:58
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          ,. '"⌒V    / へ _,. 、-へ   ヽ
        / /   //` ヽ   ヽヽヽヽ ヽ  ヽ
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        |i / / // ! !  !     l l l l l  !.  i
       V i l/ l l、 lk     lノi ハレ' / ハ  l    .r──────────
        レヘ lヽ. !ヽ/TJ.ヾ.    ̄iじ:::i ト/レ / i l|   | お主
          N、ヽ!kヘr ' 〉|   _⊥ー,」 li l | l li|    |    なぜここに
.           / // |,>-‐'、/////// ./ / ,i!  il|    |      おるのだ?
           / // ,'i!ヽ、  、   J ,ィ/ / /l| l il|  ノ^ー─────────
.          / // ,' l| li li ー- -r ´ //// il| i l |
         //≫≪/| l il l l/f!  //≫≪l| i l |
.        //≫≪/,リヽヽl /   i! //≫≪ i|ヽ、il |
        {//≫≪ノ \>'  l  l! //≫≪こ/  ヽ!
       /〒Y〒 V  //´ 7〃 .レ' ゝ≫≪,.イ    ヽ
         ゞ.,_人__ノ .//  /〃ヽ/ /〒Y 〒ヽ ,.    ヽ
.      //// | |i  !/ _ /〃 / /ゝ.,_人___ノ /     i
       Lレ〈\-.」i |/.〉 〉/ / ,r〈〈__//__j |─-、     |
     ノ从-ヘ`ー从 / / / / ̄ ̄l `t-/`ー1    〉    |
     '' ''   iNリノ ./ / / へ  `ー、从Nリノ__,, -く´ ̄ ̄ ̄`ヽ

2005-01-22, 21:01
zalas, if you did that by hand, you have WAY too much spare time on your hands >.> (and you should spend that time working on AIR XD XD j/k ^^;;)

2005-01-22, 21:06
Nah, I just copy and paste, like most Japanese people do.

2005-01-22, 21:18
Nah, I just copy and paste, like most Japanese people do.

Yay 2ch :)

2005-01-23, 04:05
intreasting, I though the movie won't be out till after the TV serise is finnished, now what is going on??!!!

any way, any word on the DVD yet?!, lets admit it, there is no chance of anyone here seeing in their local cinema. (well maybe weave). Have the release date for DVD been set yet?!.

2005-01-23, 10:09
bleh, I guess we'll have to wait a year or something before we can actully buy the DVD -_- But Have anyone heard about the Kanon DVD if it's out ? ( sorry if this is off topic )

2005-01-23, 11:05
The Kanon anime? Sure, that's been out on DVD for ages. The 11-disk box set is a bargain at 37,600 yen (about $360).

2005-01-25, 21:02
woah...tt's ex! -.-" 37600 yen...and not counting shipping etc etc yet.....

2005-01-25, 23:05
For anyone who cares, the AIR Movie OST comes out on March 25.

Does anyone know if Key is doing the music, or is it by someone else completely, or someone else with the assistance of Key?

2005-01-25, 23:42
Music is by Yoshikazu Suo, who also worked on Pretty Sammy, Shamanic Princess, Battle Athletes, Tenshi ni Narumon, etc.

EDIT: Took a look at the new 2 minute trailer on www.air2004.com. Looks like a montage of previous clips with new narration and some new scenes. Glad to see more Kanna scenes <_<;; And apparently there's a Misuzu alarm clock with 30 seconds of her voice on it too >_>;;

2005-01-26, 21:36
I haven't checked out the movie site for a while but......
Misuzu whole body pillow for 6,825円----!!!!
What the.....?????

2005-01-26, 22:18
That pillow's kinda scary... not to mention the art style is meh :/

2005-01-26, 23:05
For the rabid Misuzu fanboys.

They'll do anything.

2005-01-26, 23:12
For some reason I thought you said 'rabbit Misuzu.' Misuzu with usamimi... hrm...

2005-01-27, 00:37
Is anyone else having problems with the new streaming Promo? Its really laggy on my end... anyone know a good way to download a stream like that so I dont have to watch it freeze every half second?

Second, from what I saw of the choppy new promo, it looks like the mouth of scariness (http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=136) is actually part of the Movie oO...

2005-01-27, 02:44
The feather-phonestrap thing looks nifty, but I think I'll stray away from impulse buys for now ^^;

Though I don't particularly mind pawning my belongings for Nayuki's Alarm Clock.

2005-01-27, 03:49
lol, just imagine...everyday, woken up to a new day by.........a sleeping sounding alarm clock that makes u feel sleepy afterwards.

2005-01-27, 05:16
It's laggy here too... ^^;

Nice, though. That gao-gao shirt is even cuter on Misuzu than on Yukito!

2005-01-27, 06:33
It was working OK for me this morning, but given that the news has only just broken over the regular sites, I imagine that the servers may be having a bit of a hard time.

2005-01-27, 20:42
I ended up grabbing someone's rip of it off the air2004 site from 2ch ~_~
Anyways, it looks like the movie has a more grubby/rusty look :/ Where's my cute Misuzu pic from the end of the AIR Special Disc :(

2005-01-27, 23:04
well, i tried again and it seems like the stream is going smoothly now

2005-02-03, 01:16
Samples of two songs from the AIR Movie OST, if you haven't heard it already.

The first one sounded really nice. Has a kind of oldish orchestral tone to it.
The vocal song (rearrangement of futari) sounded okay except for the really Engrishy singing ~_~. I like how futari is worked into it though :)

2005-02-08, 03:29
The Kanon anime? Sure, that's been out on DVD for ages. The 11-disk box set is a bargain at 37,600 yen (about $360).
Yep - dvd's been out for a very long time. But so far AFAIK it ain't been licensed by a western company, and I don't expect to find a legal english dub/sub DVD anytime soon. Still hoping that PeachPrincess will do something about Key games though ..

well, i tried again and it seems like the stream is going smoothly now
Looks like it really depends on what time of the day you connect, eh?

2005-02-09, 02:56
Hmm that's too bad. I forgot to mention that it was in sub dvd originall I wanted. Anyway. The thing with body pillows I don't get.. wtf will their parents say. Or more or less, friends and girlfriend.

"ya you know .. I sleep with my full sized pillow of an anime girl." That really creeps me out.

Sure im still new into dating sim and stuff. NYeh, but as far as I heard from an japanese friend. He said that he didn't really liked the Air movie.

2005-04-14, 07:13
Air Movie DVD

Release date: August 5th

Collector's Edition Extras
- Special box (different to the Special Edition)
- Special booklet (art, etc.)
- Bonus Disc (promo footage, TV commercials, etc)
- Director/Staff Audition commentary
- Disc artwork [this is an extra?]

Special Edition Extras
- Special Box
- Bonus disc (12cm) 1: New drama CD
- Bonus disc (12cm) 2: New fully orchestrated soundtrack
- Director/Staff Audition commentary
- Disc artwork [this is an extra?]

Normal Edition Extras
- Feather design strap (different to movie merchandise)

2005-04-14, 07:18
Collectors' and special editions are the same price? They must be hoping people will buy both... -_-;

2005-04-14, 12:42
A question regarding body pillows, if I may.

Are those roughly as tall as a person, literally, something to sleep against longwise, or are they just a normal pillow just going horizontally under the head?


2005-04-14, 13:27
As the name suggests, they're longer than the normal pillow and used lengthwise, though I wouldn't say they were as long as the average person is tall.

2005-04-14, 14:00
Ah... in which case, I've had a body pillow before. Not of an anime character though.

2005-04-15, 00:47
I thought the movie was really nice. I'm glad its coming out on DVD, now I can watch my favorite parts over and over again ^_^

2005-04-17, 02:31
Umm .. what are the chances some kind soul's gonna release timescripts for that? ^_^

2005-04-17, 02:49
Zalas has said he's going to. So you'll probably get one eventually. :p

2005-04-17, 18:36
Zalas has said he's going to. So you'll probably get one eventually. :p

Then again, zalas said he was going to release a timed script of ~Prelude~ and I'm still waiting >_>;;

2005-04-18, 16:11
Oops, sorry about that <_<
Well, the rest of the DVD's stuff sorta got sidetracked once the TV show started airing, so we never ended up translating the interview and studio dive. I'm currently working on some releasable Ep1-2 scripts for DVD, but still learning the ropes of DVDSubber...

2005-04-19, 03:19
Cooool! As long as the movie gets scripted, I'm happy. Just hope that the timed scripts don't come out when a newer dvd release comes out (kinda a like AIR Movie - Special/Limited Edition) .. then I'd be torn on which one to get!

Would I be stretching my luck if I mentioned anything about scripting the series? You know, just in case it turns out that nobody else wants to licence it. Not that I'm mentioning anything .. yet ..

2005-06-02, 21:38
just an update about the movie, and for those who want to preview some of the movie.


you can preview the first 30 mins of the movie via stream. after watching it the movie gives a totally different feel compared to the TV series. plus it seems to me that the characters personality are different as well. now its a question of where can I find the Collector's Edition for purchase. i might as well buy both Collector's and Special editions (i'm just a sucker for collecting things, nihahaha) since Amazon Japan or CDJapan have the Collector's Edition

2005-06-02, 22:16
adun50: I can't seem to get the stream working. I download the .asx file, and opened it with WMP 10. It says "License not found" and stops. Nothing plays. I've tried Media Player Classic, BSplayer, Winamp, nothing works. I know there's a vid file in there, since VideoLan classic can buffer the video but the image is screwd up. What am I doing wrong?

2005-06-02, 22:30
Dammit, I got the same "License Not Found" error. A 30-minute preview will go a long way in helping to decide if I really want to spring for this or not.

If anyone knows how to make a Toshiba Nuon DVD player or a Lite-ON DVD-ROM drive region-free, that would help too.

2005-06-02, 23:39
oh there appears to be some Digital Rights Management lock on it, you must use Windows Media Player 9 or 10 and allow for downloading of licenses.

I'm using Windows Media Player 10. to enable acquiring of licenses goto Tools->Options->Privacy and check the box "Acquire licenses automatically for protected content". also if you are using any type of firewall, set it to allow WMP access.

2005-06-02, 23:49
Excellent, that was my problem. I had WMP10, but I had the auto-aquisition of licenses turned off. This is excellent, thank you.

2005-06-03, 11:17
That might've been the problem I have been having. Oh well, I ended up getting a stream ripper and then using zplayer to play it >,<

2005-06-03, 14:18
Sweet it works! But I hate windows media player 10... uses too much resources and doesn't have the SPACEBAR AS PAUSE function.

I don't understand a word of it though.

2005-06-06, 18:09
Can anyone who saw the movie in theaters please verify for me that this was in fact the first 30 minutes? It felt disjointed enough in scene cuts (especially with how some scenes were clearly earlier in the story) that I and my friend thought that it must be A half hour, but of assorted footage.

Was this really the first half hour from beginning to end? It was interesting (if too bright) but it seemed too disjointed or to lack a sense of actual progression from one situation to another.

Sorry, I'm just very confused by what I just saw even though I understood most of what was said.


2005-06-06, 23:05
When I watched it, it seemed fine.
It had a very 'artsy' feel to it.
I guess it was really hard to make the story totally continuous in 90 minutes, so they exploited the discontinuities into a "feature" ;)

2005-06-07, 04:37
You saw it in the theater, or the streaming? Or both?

2005-06-07, 10:40
I've only seen the streaming version, and was explaining why I didn't think it was just assorted footage from what I've seen.

2005-09-10, 10:20
Anyone recognize what that cameo is supposed to be? It's the one below the Kano+Hijiri cameo:

(warning: LOTS of images)

(Not linking directly to the pic because I think it's against the wishes of the website owner)

2005-09-10, 14:17
Not 100% on this, but aren't those the three girls from misuzu's school that show up every now and then? (on the steps to the shrine, for one place)

2005-09-12, 17:59
Hmm they seem to like the radiant ligthing tool >_<. gawd I want that box there :O ..

Slipgate: a body pillow ? O_O *runs*