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2005-01-17, 20:33
this is for those of us who have the Adult Version. i am sure it has been asked before but are all the H scenes also going to be translated? i would expect they are but i was just wondering. :p

Hikari Tsukishiro
2005-01-17, 20:52

Get your ecchi on.

2005-01-17, 21:02
The whole script inclusive of whatever's in it will be translated... this was covered somewhere else I recall. Haeleth had a good time laughing about the H-scenes then, I also recall :P.

I'll say this.... that was.... different.... for Nayuki.


2005-01-18, 05:10
They will be translated, but they will also be optional.

2005-01-18, 05:27
While on some level I can understand it being optional seeing as how we're outside of Japan and can't pick and choose which version of the game we own with ease, I'd still be surprised if people who wanted to avoid the H scenes actually went and got the adult version of the game. So is this going to be a ninja-inserted quick question before a scene kicks in and add another variable to the game itself?


2005-01-18, 07:32
I see what you're saying, but this is actually a feature I've had a number of requests for. You get things like people who thought they wanted the H scenes but then changed their minds - or people who want the H scenes for themselves, but also want to be able to play the game in company without worrying about what might be about to happen.

The current implementation uses a censorship toggle on the options screen. If it's enabled, the adult parts of the script are skipped automatically, as though you were playing the all-age version, and the adult CGs are removed from the CG mode menu.

So people who bought the adult version because they wanted the adult version can just forget the whole thing - it won't intrude on your experience.

2005-01-18, 07:58
That sounds fair. So the "removal" from the CG menu is just making them unavailable but not wiping them a la AVGcensor, so that if you re-enable them, back they come?

Can I safely assume that the work involved in doing a case-based situation like that in the CG viewer etc. was a nontrivial piece of programming in AVG? (Like the song subtitles are) :) If so, congrats on getting that working.

If nothing else, I could see the "company" thing (or possibly a sort of parental lock feature :P ).... and yeah, having finished Nayuki's angle... that was a bizarre experience. It was what I was shooting for though since (spoiler, small font and in white) the anime eventually settles on ending with Ayu but comes sooo close to ending with Nayuki that I wanted to see the Nayuki angle played out. But I can imagine some people would go with it and then not want to revisit it necessarily. And actually, when I was playing, as I was nearing what was pretty sure to be an end to the story I began getting wary since family was coming in and out of my room retrieving or replacing items (a comb, looking for something or other, etc.) and I was always hesitant to click again until they left. Not that I'm not old enough (going on 26 soon :P) but it's that sort of decency.

2005-01-18, 08:07
From my point of view (or I think), the H-Scene of Kanon was hillarious when it was suppose to be a serious scene.

All the H-scene in the Kanon was just too 'weak' to be a part of actual story of the game.

For those who bought Kanon to see H-scenes, all I can say is that you bought the wrong game...
I suggest you guys should buy and play the games from Alice, Elf, or Nekoneko soft.

Key's renai games are just not meant for contain a H-scenes I have to say..

P.S. Now that I wonder... For those who have played the 'all-age' version of Kanon, how did they changed the scene where Yuuich reads adult Magazine? Did they just simply took it out?

2005-01-18, 14:28
For those who bought Kanon to see H-scenes, all I can say is that you bought the wrong game...Is there such a person? O_o

2005-01-18, 14:50
It's possible that someone may have bought Kanon to see the H-scenes.

But I doubt they got through the game without getting converted ^_^

2005-01-18, 15:12
For those who bought Kanon to see H-scenes, all I can say is that you bought the wrong game...Is there such a person? O_o

If there are any of course. ^^

2005-01-18, 18:10
It's possible that someone may have bought Kanon to see the H-scenes.

But I doubt they got through the game without getting converted ^_^
That is... if they understood Japanese... or played it with the translation patch.

2005-01-19, 16:25
I'd guess it could have happened to someone in Japan at least >_>

2005-01-22, 04:27
i know i buy H-games for storyline and than get together with friends and laugh at the different translations and h-scenes. in fact just yesterday me, my friend Shin and his sister were cracking up at different translations of Kana: little sister. we had a blast.

2005-01-22, 04:40
I'll say it again.

It's a miracle if you laugh while playing Kana.

2005-01-23, 10:06
I Just played Kana yesterday. I also tougth it was a little funny, in some parts. But it really is a sad story.

btw i was thinking of buying some of Key's game, and guess what :D the All-Age verision is cheaper *dances around*

2005-01-30, 12:00
Back on this subject, I'm not going to do one of those "When are you releasing the next version of the translation patch" inquiries, as I know you both need to finish up and need to deal with Standard Edition now as an additional case and see your update from October of 2004, but I am wondering if you could possibly just update the Kanon page project status with how things are *now* in update of the situation since October 2004. If the whole script is translated but still needs editing, if you're still at 90% but more of that is edited now, if you're dealing with smacking RealLive into submission, etc. Just for curiosity's sake, not a "OMG when's it going to be out?" question.


2005-01-30, 14:04
At the moment, as in right now, I'm wrestling with RealLive. The rather basic assembler I wrote initially was good enough for Planetarian, but it's not powerful enough to support many of the abstractions I'm using in my existing Kanon codebase. So I'm implementing some more of the features of my AVG32 compiler, with the ultimate goal of hopefully being able to cross-compile a single script for all dozen or so versions of the game I'm supporting.

The translation itself hasn't advanced all that much. It's probably past 95% complete in terms of text in English, but there's a lot of editing still to be done - and, like I've said before, that's not something I can get other people to help me with.

I appreciate how nicely you avoided asking when it's going to be done, so I'll give you an estimate: hopefully by this summer. 奇跡でも起きれば・・・

2005-01-30, 14:33
Thanks for the update :). No need to push yourself, like I said, I was just curious about an update on the situation, not necessarily expecting an impending release :).


2005-02-03, 04:12
i was just curious, but is it actually possible to rip out the videos in Kanon and Air out from the game? Sorry for the offtopic question. :P

2005-02-03, 04:58
What videos?

2005-02-03, 08:03
Well, the "videos" in Kanon and Air (opening for example) are not videos. They're an in-game combination of coding and utilizing various in-game graphics. If you have Susie to browse the graphic files, you find the pictures of the poses the characters use in the intro, the backdrops, etc. This even goes so far as in Air, the staircase you see the camera follow up to the top, you find in the game graphics that each frame of that animation was a different image :).

Clannad on the other hand has a video file for the opening which, depending on your install, will either be on the hard drive or on the disc.

That all said, there is the aforementioned image browser for Kanon and Air (more specifically, for AVG graphics, so this wouldn't work on Standard Edition, you'd need tools that would also work with Clannad then)... look for a graphic program named Susie by Google and for the plugin to let it view PDT files.


2005-02-03, 08:21
Oh, those videos. :p

Susie can handle Kanon ~standard edition~ and Clannad... you just need a g00 plugin. I use if_varts.spi for g00s and ifpdt.spi for PDTs, but there are others.

If you just want to be able to play the OP and ED conveniently without having to play through the game, it would be trivial to arrange that. There's no way to get them to play back in a standard video player, though.

2005-02-03, 09:24
You might do the old-fashioned way of taping them off manually (either on your TV or with some decent sort of videologging software as you let them run)... but yeah, they aren't video files.

Mea culpa on forgetting that since Susie has plugins that it probably has one to handle RealLive data :). I use the same PDT plugin as you Haeleth... I think I'll go find the g00 plugin.


2005-02-05, 10:58
oo...thx for the info!!!

2005-02-06, 16:28
Well some group actually did the work for Air and took the images and remade it into a video. I'm sure the same could be done for Kanon if someone had the time and will for it.

2005-02-06, 21:20
it was Bishoujo-Fansubs that did the work on the AIR remake. I have it on my computer, if your interested in getting a copy, send me a PM and I'll see what I can do ^^.

2005-02-07, 01:35
No they didn't. It was a MAD. I have that, along with one with the full version of the OP, which I might subtitle after the TV series is over.

2005-02-14, 20:38
That's a really great option. I bought Kanon when I was in Japan last year and I could only find the adult version, I was dreading seeing H scenes in the game. I am now going to replace my old CD version with the DVD version but this time I am getting the all ages version. I am a person who hates H scenes these types of games, it spoils the games for me cause they always have to be so needlessly graphic.

I am new to the message board but I wanted to say I can't wait for the 100% translation patch to be released, your work is amazing and you could certainly show the so called professional companies a thing or 2 about how to translate these games! JI stopped playing Kanon after a while cause I didn't want to get to the end of the translation so I will be holding off till the full thing comes out now. Just a question though for anyone who has the DVD version of Kanon, Is that version compatible with the voice patch? I assume that the translation patch will be compatible with the DVD version so I wont ask ^_^

2005-02-15, 04:33
Just a question though for anyone who has the DVD version of Kanon, Is that version compatible with the voice patch?
Not yet, AFAIK, but I'll get round to writing a voice patch for it eventually if nobody else does first.

2005-02-15, 19:59
Cool, that sounds great!

2005-02-16, 22:07
That is good news, but I still think it's strange that they didn't already include voice files on the new DVD versions. I sure hope they put higher resolution CGs on the DVDs than on the CDs...

2005-02-17, 04:28
Nope, not even that. ^^

There are a few enhancements relative to the adult version, but the CGs are exactly the same as in the CD-based all-age version.

Seriously, this is a pretty straight rerelease with minimal enhancements. The main motivation seems to have been more that there was still demand for the game, and selling a version that didn't work properly on Windows XP was getting silly, than to upgrade it at all. The only graphical differences are that some of the transitions are smoother, and the fonts are rendered better...