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2005-01-03, 22:25
I just got xkanon and the translation together and managed to compile it(which required g++ 3.3 because of stricter c++ requirements in g++ 3.4) Tried loading it up and the game loaded correctly,but without BGM music.Here is the output:
CDROMREADTOCHDR: Input/output error
Gaiji table loaded
Unsupported radix : 5 : code 0x59
Unsupported radix : 5 : code 0x59
not supported command! : cmd 0x61 - 0x10 : get name macro[0] -> 24 ; Yuuichi
not supported command! : cmd 0x61 - 0x10 : get name macro[4] -> 28 ; ̵
not supported command! : cmd 0x61 - 0x10 : get name macro[6] -> 45 ; 1
not supported command! : cmd 0x76 - 2: reset? debug state.
not supported command! : cmd 0x76 - 2: reset? debug state.
global jump to senario 2
not supported command! : cmd 0x76 - 2: reset? debug state.
not supported command! : cmd 0x76 - 2: reset? debug state.
not supported command! : ???(Stop wav file and clear music buffer?
not supported command! : cmd 0x31 - 2 : clear text rank buffer.
not supported command! : set Retkey wait.
bgm loop start: cannot open wave file audio_13

Game + music works under vmware with windows 98,but that has font issues(and I'd rather have it native anyway).I thought it might be because I don't have the cd loaded at the time but under windows music works fine without the cdrom.I also tried playing around with the various extra options for xkanon but none seemed to help.
Some more details:
*Game installed with xkanon-installer
*Using latest alsa cvs + oss emulation
*Nvidia nforce 2 ac97 onboard sound
*2.6 kernel
*latest gtkmm

I have feeling that I am just missing something obvious so I'll have a deeper play around with it later,but if anything stands out as obviously wrong let me know.

2005-01-04, 02:16
Is there some sort of hack that lets you play the music from ripped files instead of from the original game CD or something?

2005-01-04, 03:04
Haha,I am an idiot...I had another game mounted on a virtual drive and it decided it would use the music from there..I did not realise it because the particular song that it loaded was one that I had not heard before and it sounded like the kind of music that kanon would have(it was another bgame).I think by disc might have issues as I wasn't getting any music with it loaded which explains why linux wasn't liking it either.

2005-01-06, 14:14
If i can kind of hijack this thread...

Does anyone know if there is anything funny about the way the music is stored on the CD on the PC all ages version? I say this because i tried to make a backup copy of the disc to play on, rather than the original - but when i do, the music has... blips in it (but not on the original disc). At first hear it sounds like a slight gargling like what you used to get on old VHS tapes, but if you listen closely it's caused by slight blips/split-second pauses in the music.

I copied the disc using cdrdao using the same method i usually do for a multi-session disc.
I also tried it using Nero on windows in another machine, and same result...

Anyone had the same issue? Any ideas?

2005-01-07, 01:20
Ha...... more and more people are making backups of their games these days....

But in any case, skippy sound is usually the result of bad burning. Check your drive and CD-R you used to burn the copy. Dust and misalligned/worn lens can screw them up. I heard that burning at a lower speed helps.

2005-01-09, 08:43
lol....why not? Just imagine if u played with your original copy whole day long and it doesn't work after a while, u'll die a screaming death when u have no backup/original to rely on. :D

2005-01-09, 12:55
I know my drive just sucks with CD-DA audio. Whenever I play a game that uses it, I usually just mount it on a virtual drive and problem solved.

2005-01-12, 05:59
Which is why the drive's max speed is a lot slower than what it says in the front. It happens a lot out here...