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2004-12-27, 11:59
okok heres the deal..


I have played it NUMEROUS times but still cant figure out what on earth to do. Sometimes I trigger 'episodes' but i have no idea how because i seem to trigger them in different ways each time. Other than trying to start 'episodes' i seem to just sit there doing the 'skip time' option to get more gold and the occasional encounter. I understand how to buy better stuff. I understand the king levels you up once you've got enough experiance. But i dont understand this whole concept of starting a mission. Sometimes I can start the episode that has you in the mine really early, and sometimes that guy in the alley decides to just appear for seemingly no reason to do his impossible Bee quest which is impossible to do that early into the game when you have crap equipment.

So forgive me if i'm wrong Haeleth but you've played a bit of Wizap since your birth havnt you? So if you or any other person in this forum who has defied the odds and figured out how to play this bizzare thing please help me out, for my sub-par japanese skills cannot penetrate a game such as this.

*** UPDATE ***

ok i seemed to have just finished the game.. except the world blew up. Then in the credits I got shown a whole lot of places I didnt go to, so obviously this is a multiple ending & multiple scenario beast of a game. And still it makes no sense to me in how your supposed to activate certain episodes. And HOW ON EARTH is that job system supposed to work!??!?!? I'm seriously starting to think even fluent japanese speaker/readers could not understand this game.

AND WHAT ON EARTH IS WITH THE STORY!?!? I know I didnt do all the scenarios and there are different scenarios every time but how is doing a few small quests with incredibly simple somewhat self contained storylines supposed to lead into all of a sudden facing this ultra-demonlord bad guy of the game!!?!?!?! It took me by surprise to say the least.

oh well perhaps these are questions that are not to be asked, or i am playing this game completely wrong and I was supposed to do at least 20 or so quests before the end of the game instead of the 6 I did.

And I just now realised i'm rambling. Please forgive.

2004-12-27, 15:14
It's a very, very strange game, and I never figured it out either. I hope that makes you feel better. ;)

I never found an ending other than the "end of the world" one either, but they must exist - there's entries in the monster table for a final boss that never appears in the "end of the world" path, for one thing. But getting scenarios in this game is so damn hit and miss that I suspect a good ending takes luck as well as skill.

I started writing a FAQ for it, once, but never got very far. I've uploaded what I did write here (http://haeleth.net/dl/wizap_faq.txt) - it might interest you, though I doubt it'll help you much because it's so very incomplete.

I'm seriously starting to think even fluent japanese speaker/readers could not understand this game.
You may be right, at that. FWIW, I never found a complete guide even in Japanese, not that I've looked for a good many years. If anyone happens to know of one, I'd be similarly interested to see it... @@

2004-12-29, 05:45
hmm yes the missions that are currently in that faq are the ones i did, and much like you state in the faq i also had no idea how to do the Phantom House mission, and had to just leave it, as well as many other missions.

In addition is it possible there is a chance element thrown into the game? For example once AS SOON AS I ENTERED THE TOWN for the first time i checked the message board and got scenario 1 with the wolves, however other times I do the exact same thing i dont get it until I talk to some people first or aquire some skill from passing time, so i dunno this game just really makes no sense. Perhaps the games manual could fill in some of the holes.