View Full Version : Having major trouble with Kanon BGM!! Please help!

2004-12-19, 13:39
When I turn on the program, it plays the BGM correctly. The problem is that when I start a new game, or load, it keeps playing the same bgm over and over. (It was supposed to change according to the situation). How can I fix this problem? any suggestions? please help me.

2004-12-19, 14:17
I do believe this issue was dissused in the patch readme, but if I'm wrong (or if your too lazy to check the readme ^~), heres the quick answer:

Go to My Computer.
Make sure your Kanon CD is inside your CD-Rom Drive.
Right click on your CD-Rom drive and select Explore.
You should see something called SETFADE.
Open it, then choose the second option.
-This should fix your problem, though you wont get smooth audio transitions from track to track, at least your audio will change.

There are other ways of getting around this CDDA issue, such as routing the CDDAs through Winamp, but I havent tried those so I wont comment on them. The instructions do to so are somewhere in these forums, I do believe.

2004-12-19, 23:13
Seems to be a bug that occurs in NT flavours of Windows. I'm using the "route through winamp" method and it works quite well.

2004-12-21, 15:31
Hmm .. third time I've seen a post regarding sound problems. I was sure that this was addressed in the readme and the bugs section of the site. Anyhow, I haven't tried it out myself but check out http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=33&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=32
if you don't like the effects of the setfade option (it's a little sudden). Just look for the steps provided by some Stranger.