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2004-12-16, 18:53

I've been reading and keeping up with the boards a while, debated whether to sign up to post this (and now I'm realizing I could have just e-mailed Haeleth)...

I have noticed from instructions and from my own having edited the registry entry to not get any music fadeouts that Kanon (adult) and Kanon (all-age) use different reg key directories. Does this mean two installs of the game, one of the adult version and one of the all-age version, can coexist with separate installs that don't impinge on each other's settings in any way? I figured I'd ask BEFORE I tried it :P.


2004-12-16, 19:17
Yep. If using AIR's safe for comparison, the registry values for Kanon 18+ and Kanon All ages should map under "Kanon" and "Kanon_All" respecitively, and hence won't mess up each others values.

2004-12-16, 19:45
Many thanks!

Perhaps this isn't the best place for it since its not about this topic anymore, but I don't want to create another new thread just for this....

I was using the voice patch before, and I did a clean install of Kanon recently and wanted to install the voice patch now using the wondrous MP3 option (I do have gogo.dll, and it is available to the program).

However, the voice patch program (both the Japanese one and Haeleth's English translation of it), when I pick to go with MP3s and then pick Start, the Start button changes to Pause as it should but then the window goes away entirely. At first I thought I was inadvertently double-hitting it, but I soon determined that wasn't the case. So the patcher spontaneously exits when I try to use the mp3 option but works with the wav option. I checked the documentation (well, at least Haeleth's English documentation, as the Japanese documentation is all unicode-y) and didn't see any precedence for this. Anyone have any idea what may be happening, or under what circumstances it would do this? I was so looking forward to highquality MP3s that were smaller than the WAVs -.-.


2004-12-16, 19:46
Ack! I thought I was signed in. The above reply from "Guest" was me. (I'd go back and erase it and repost it properly as myself but there aren't options to do that).

Mea culpa, and sorry for double posting now.

(I'm off to a great start on the etiquette! :P)

2004-12-16, 20:45
Question: Did you extract the voices from the .afs files using AVG32e/AVG32?

If yes, the files would remain in .wav format, though when you use a program like winamp, you can see that they are in fact of a lower bittrate. My files are all in WAV/128kbps and they work.

2004-12-17, 07:24
Well that's the thing, I've tried both the Japanese vAVG32 and Haeleth's English one. The scenario's already patched, that worked fine. But the voice installation acts the way I described... if I check the MP3 option *at all*, regardless of quality settings and other settings, it spontaneously closes the program with no word when I hit Start (and I have gogo.dll and other needed things). The WAV options not including the MP3 option (the 11 and 22khz options) both work without any complaint. I know they'd be in a WAV format still, but I mean the MP3 encoding option isn't working at all from the patcher.

Anyone experienced anything like this? I was hoping to take my existing (518 mb) install and turn it into an even smaller install... right now its a 3.18 gb install - methinks I need to at least unpack the voices in lower quality until I see what's wrong with it.

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2004-12-17, 11:00
When a program closes like that, I'm thinking it's that the gogo.dll you have and the program are either 1) not talking to each other or 2) are incompatible versions. Have you tried your gogo.dll with some normal mp3 encoding wrapping program?

2004-12-17, 18:22
What else might I try it with? The lack of communication occured to me, but I don't know what other gogo.dll's exist.