View Full Version : Kanon in the media \o/

2004-11-08, 08:21
I was shopping with the grandparent the other day, and she was packing the shopping away, I was bored... so, I went over to read the computer games magazines etc. I got reading this one magazine... I forget which one, but... it had an article on all bishoujo games, how they're popular in Japan and the US, mentioned all kindsa hentai ones like Do You Like Horny Bunnies and Kana -Little Sister- and for some reason there was a picture of Tomo from Azumanga Daioh though I'm not real sure why.

It also mentioned Kanon (and I think it mentioned Air, too) :D... saying about how, with games like that, the sexual content was just an aside to the "heart-wrenching drama" or something like that, and... I just thought that was cool. Random magazine I pick up and it's got Kanon in it, or at least a mention, hurrah \o/

2004-11-09, 23:13
Back then the one game mag that focuses on Japanese game and anime was Gamefan. It had all of these reviews, including anime and dating sims. I miss that mag, last time I saw it was in 1999.

Hikari Tsukishiro
2004-11-10, 21:46
I miss it too. I loved Gamefan. Too bad they died in around 2000...

2004-11-11, 12:51
It kinda amuses me... for the most part I got my first major thing for anime when I got into Sailor Moon back in year 7 or so... but looking back on it, the games magazines my dad used to read back when I was about 6 or 7 had adverts for anime in... (not really related, but I thought I'd mention it ^^)

Now I think back on it, those adverts were all for hentai anime, such as the hentai anime scene was in the UK back then (woo, Manga Video ¬_¬). I wonder if that had any influence on me XD;;