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2004-10-17, 06:00
Well, i just finished playing up until the translation ends in my chosen path... now i have to wait in agony ;). But i have a question about the translation...

For a start, i love the protagonist - the things he says, and how he says them, makes the game utterly hillarious.
This is something i wasn't expecting so much, as my first exposure to the Kanon world was through the anime which, though amusing and even laugh out loud funny at times, was never as consistently so. It also contained none of the dry wit Yuuichi seems to posess in the game.

Some things make me wonder if they are the same or simmilar in the original game, or were introduced by Haeleth himself, though :P

The thing that got me wondering, was how a lot of the humour as far as Yuuichi is concerned... well... feels decidedly British.
Things like the dry remarks about the girls that have me in giggles, or his sarcasm when interacting with them, and saying the things he does in a totally serious voice.
This kind of thing is by no means exclusively British, but they are things i would class as some of the hallmarks of everyday (not TV) British humour.

At the end of the day, i've been provided with [part of] a game that i enjoy a lot and love the characters within - so whether the translation is entirely accurate or not is fairly inconsequential. The game still has the mood i'm after, and it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy :)

However, i *am* curious :)
Is Yuuichi really like this in the original game? Does his dialogue *feel* the same to people who have read both the Japanese and English dialogue? Or is this Haeleth introducing a little creativity and a little of himself into the script?

2004-10-17, 06:49
Really, my impression is that Japanese humour isn't all that different from British humour. The Yuuichi in the translation is basically my reading of the Japanese Yuuichi - I've embellished quite a lot in places, but a lot of the Japanese jokes didn't really translate. So I think it's reasonably close to the original. I'm a bit biased, though, so if anyone else who's played both versions would like to comment...

Certainly a lot of the things you mention - dry remarks, saying sarcastic things with a straight face - are there in the Japanese. I can't think of any good examples from Kanon right now, but my favourite line from AIR is a good example of Key's brand of humour. Yukito is eating a giant rice-ball, Misuzu drinking a horrible sticky drink:
Misuzu: "喉に詰まったら、言ってくださいね"
Yukito: "おまえもな"
If the bits of Kanon you're thinking of are anything like that, they're probably authentic.

There are a lot of possible reasons why the anime might feel different - the younger target audience, the perceived need for visual rather than textual humour, the lack of narration and the constraints on dialogue length. And, of course, fansub translations are often rather low quality, but as I haven't watched any Kanon fansubs I can't comment on whether that applies here.

2004-10-17, 09:05
I think the biggest difference between the anime and the game itself is simply that you lose the narration of the protagonist. A lot of the humor is based around what he thinks or what he's saying based on what he thought. I haven't played the translation yet since I understand it well enough to not need one (though I plan on trying it out of curiosity once) but that is one of the reasons why I felt the game is quite different from the anime when I played it.

I may not be able to comment on the exact differences between the two versions but Yuuichi is a fairly sarcastic little teen (and humorously so) in the Japanese version too. Just like the protagonists of Air and Clannad... typical Key stuff, I guess.

2004-10-17, 09:41
That's nice, then.

As far as British/Japanese humour often being simmilar in certain areas - this is something i suspected... especially given what some people say about the (less-than-expected for me) simmilarities between the two cultures.

> difference between the anime and the game itself is simply that you lose
> the narration of the protagonis

Indeed. Yuuichi seems to sound altogether more intelligent in the game - i don't know whether this is a result in the loss of his narration in the anime, the way it was targeted, or the translation.
It's something i wasn't expecting, anyway, thus my doubt of the game script containing the original personality.

Anyway, this isn't a thread about the anime vs game.... and thanks for answering my questions :)

2004-12-14, 06:26
Yuuichi is a fairly sarcastic little teen (and humorously so)

Heh, you make him sound very ... little.

Has anyone else seen that part in Mai's scenario where Yuuichi is making up plans *sbe urycvat Fnlhev trg Znv onpx vagb fpubby? Orsber gur crgvgvba vqrn tbrf vagb npgvba.* That was the best. Well, that and the part where you sprinkle pepper over the sleeping Nayuki.

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