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2004-10-15, 00:46
Does anyone recognize what games those posters might be of? Just wondering if they are real posters or not.

2004-10-15, 00:54
While it's very difficult to say for sure, I believe the one on the left is Sorauta ( http://www.moonphase.cc/sp/sorauta/ )

I remember seeing a poster (not the one on that page) which looked very similar. (EDIT: probably this one: http://frontwing.jp/download/sorauta/sorauta_wall1_xga.jpg
Now that I see it again, it's not really that similar at all ^^;;)

As for the one on the right... would you call me crazy if I said Air? =3

Incidentally, I don't remember any real series being used in the Genshiken manga. The only recognisable series on the posters was Kujian.

2004-10-15, 01:36
Right one looks familiar... ugh.

2004-10-17, 12:33
Got closer shots in ep 2
No luck on getchu with the poster on the right
Maybe they are made up after all, but it would be nice if they were puns ;)

2004-10-17, 12:46
This is a bit off-topic but, where do you get your raws from? I tend to get mine from l33t-raws but they haven't posted the 2nd episode yet. I'm asking because, if it's of a decent quality, and they don't have the tendency to post 300+ MB files like l33t-raws I might be interested. Please don't say it's saiyaman, or I will cry like a beat up school girl.

P.S.: I'm sorry if this is deemed illegal. Feel free to edit/delete my post if it is.

P.P.S.: I'm also sorry that I can't help you out a whole lot with those posters. From what I can make up from the title in the 2nd screenshot is 罰(?)の社, whatever that is.

2004-10-17, 12:55
I'll wait for Haeleth to make a decision on that before responding then ^^;
Anyways, have one more shot of the bottom of the right poster:
Now it really looks like a peach haired Minagi ~_~; Was that what you were thinking AstCd2?[/img]

2004-10-17, 19:53
Well, one thing's for sure - the uniform colour schemes don't match! ^_^

2004-10-17, 23:42
waayyyyy offf topic:..... what anime is this?!

P.S.... the one on the left looks like it might be something that "Studio.e.go" might have made

2004-10-17, 23:47
Now it really looks like a peach haired Minagi ~_~; Was that what you were thinking AstCd2?

Eh... not as such. I must have lost my ability to differentiate pink and yellow, because it looked a bit like Misuzu to me.
Anyhow, it seems pretty obvious now that they're fictional series, which isn't surprising in retrospect given the license issues involved.

waayyyyy offf topic:..... what anime is this?!

This is Genshiken, a series about a group of otaku in university. It's amusing, especially if you can catch the often obscure references to anime, manga, and games.

2004-10-19, 03:59
As for the raws thing, I'd rather you discuss it elsewhere if that's okay...

2004-10-19, 09:38
That's fine by me.

2004-10-19, 11:20
Sure, no problem.