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2004-10-07, 06:36
This thread is here to serve 2 purposes, firstly to announce that i'm looking at translating clannad too, and 2, to say hello to my fellow key visual arts fans

hello, i'm Dairu, i'm from the UK and my favourite key girls are Nagisa and Misuzu

Yeah, i know these one man translation projects pop up and disappear just about every minute, but i thought i'd take a look at clannad... and after not being put off by the sheer amount of text in the game, i was thinking of taking this project seriously...

yes, i'm well aware that someone else is doing a clannad translation, and i even posted in his thread offering my help (i'm a sort of ok-ish japanese to english translator)
now on to my point...

i have the text for the prologue and april 14th translated into english and now i want to reinsert the text into the seen.txt file... what tools do i need to achieve such a task???
please note that my programming skills are very basic at best... i'm better at using computers than programming them...

any help would be greatly appreciated...

thanks in advance


2004-10-07, 08:34
It would not be feasible to insert the text by hand (too many pointers to update), so you'll need some kind of program to do the job, and at the moment no such thing exists. I'm (theoretically) working on a RealLive compiler for SoulFang, so your best bet is probably to join his project - I'm sure he'll get back to you soon if he hasn't already!

2004-10-07, 08:39
well, no response from him yet, but i'll keep working on my translation and wait for him. I posted an offer of help in his thread... even if nothing happens... at the very least i'll gain more experience of translating japanese to english...

2004-10-07, 12:46
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

I'd love any help I could get, really! Clannad is a giant game, and I've only translated a little bit because of school getting in the way of my free time. Once Thanksgiving and Christmas Break hit, I'll be concentrating more on getting stuff done ._.

If you would like, you can send me a mail with the stuff you already have finished at soulfang@NOSPAMtampabay.rr.com (remove the NOSPAM) and I'll get some more scripts that I haven't done to you.


2004-10-07, 14:36
I only started yesterday, so all i've accomplished is somehow getting the text out of seen.txt and translating about 3/4 of 0414.txt (i'm going by the filenames in seen.txt)

but i'll e-mail you and send you what i've been able to do anyway

2004-10-09, 22:18
"Thanksgiving"??!!!... this mean that SoulFang is an american... Dairu clearly stat that is British..... and they both will work on Clannad translation... togather??!!!!

am I right to be worried here?!.... or does this mean that the translation will use some sort of common English??

any way, American english, or English English, eather way, I think I understand both without a problem ;-)

P.S. no, I am not trying to make fun of the project, I just though that you should decide on the english to use before hand, that's all. And as a side note, I notesed that British people can understand American English without a glitch (infact without even thinking about it), but American's on the other hand have some diffeculty with some words. (Hollwood made everyone understand Amercian English, but not American spelling).

2004-10-10, 01:08
It's worth noting that the translators' languages aren't particularly important at this stage - any text that's been translated by more than one person will need editing anyway, to make sure characters have consistent voices. <strike>So they can convert all SoulFang's work to British English at that stage.</strike>

2004-10-10, 05:16
I can just imagine Nagisa saying "mummy" now =P.
The big question is, of course, what she'll call Akio.

According to my trusty British -> American dictionary ( http://cgi.peak.org/~jeremy/retort.cgi?British ), it doesn't seem like they use "daddy" over there.

2004-10-10, 16:25
Yeah, this translation'll be in American English. I guess if there's enough interest we could release a British one too, but not till it's done. (if it ever gets done~)

Also, AstCd2, don't think I'm ignoring you about the translation thing! I'll get SOMETHING back to you within the next few days... I've got several school projects going and it's a mess...

2004-10-11, 02:32
Oh, we use Daddy all right, it's the correct equivalent to Mummy. The Mum/Dad pair is more usual these days, I just didn't think it suited Nayuki so well. ;)

(Adds a special routine to work-in-progress RealLive assembler to, ehehe, "correct" American spellings. Mwahaha!)

2004-10-11, 11:19
(Adds a special routine to work-in-progress RealLive assembler to, ehehe, "correct" American spellings. Mwahaha!)