View Full Version : voice files?

2004-09-23, 06:39
where do u find the voice rips from the consoles that may be used with the PC version of kanon and air? i would realli appreciate any help given! thanks!!

2004-09-23, 08:52
1. Buy a copy of one of the console versions.
2. Go to a devsite for that console and find out how to read files from that system's disks to the PC.
3. Read the files to your PC.

If you're not prepared to pay for the console version, doubtless you can pirate it in the same way as you'd pirate any game, or you might be able to download the voice files from a P2P network. That is however illegal, so we don't talk about it here.

Alternatively, wait for this autumn's PC rerelease, which is likely to be voiced.