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2004-09-06, 16:45
I was playing through Kanon and there was initially the song in the beginning. When that song ended however, no other music followed. Is most of Kanon played in silence, or am I experiencing some kind of technical issue?

2004-09-06, 17:29
This version of AVG32 has issues with music playback on some computers that can cause the music not to change properly. So far as I can tell the problem affects all NT-based operating systems. To fix it, run the SETFADE.EXE program on your Kanon CD. It's in Japanese, but you don't need to be able to read the text; just click on the second option and then the left-hand button.

Alternatively, look for the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KEY\KANON (or KANON_ALL for the all-age version) in your registry, and add a string value named "CDDAVolFade" with the value "1".

This fix still produces imperfect results — the music will cut out abruptly when the track changes, instead of fading smoothly. Iincho has suggested a better solution, using a program called _inmm.dll, which routes sound output from the game through other programs such as WinAmp and appears to solve the problem rather neatly. All the documentation for it is in Japanese, so I'll put up a guide to using it as soon as I get round to figuring out the optimum configuration.

2004-09-08, 15:05
so I'll put up a guide to using it as soon as I get round to figuring out the optimum configuration.

Was a guide ever written?

2004-09-09, 02:43
check the 2nd post under the above link, but don't expect much, the guid was writen by an idot who doesn't know much. (and had nothing better to do that day).

By way, have anybody managed to find the "ANY" key on their keyboard, it seem to be missing on my keyboard.

2004-09-09, 09:14

2004-09-10, 18:35
THAT was on a Frequently Asked Questions database?!?!
And I thought people using mice as foot pedals and monitors for scanners were isolated incidents ..