View Full Version : Lots of Air/Kanon games

2004-08-07, 14:04
It seems a company called Game Circle made a lot of games featuring Kanon an Air characters... and they even have some kind of "demo" version at their site. I think you can get their games at Himeya, but I haven't checked prices yet.
Here is the company website: http://www23.big.or.jp/~gc-maple/
And here is the part were you download the demonstrations: http://www23.big.or.jp/%7Egc-maple/product.htm

Btw the site is in japanese, so don't blame me if you don't understand anything. I am in the same situation here... :/

2004-08-08, 19:07
man, I wish I weren't broke or I'd go to Comiket. I don't get paid enough I swear, that or they need to stop making things so freakin expensive.

2004-08-14, 19:42
Doujin Games are love. I had more links, but they were gone when my HD crashed T_T

EFZ is love.