View Full Version : Ripping Clannad's music from the DVD?

2004-07-24, 20:21
I want to listen to it outside of the game, but this time it's not the standard CD format, probably since it's a DVD ^_^;

So... do any of you know how to rip the music from it? Any help would be much appreciated ^_^

2004-07-25, 03:13
As I know some Chinese fans have did it before.But their forum is ultra slow in connection speed so I can't access it right now.There is a thread about how to rip it out in "Clannad Session".here is the url http://www.keyfc.net Hope you can read chinese.
As I remember they have said "cool edit" can open the music file.My copy of Clannad is in CD image format and my Alcoho120% is borken .So I haven't tried it before.

2004-07-25, 10:08
try this site: ayashii (http://www.ayashii.com/) he has a clannad nwa2wav program he made on the site.

2004-07-25, 14:59
Even better, try Usapyon's page (http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA010892/), which has a Winamp plugin.

2004-07-26, 13:39
Woo, thanks ^_^

2004-08-07, 08:26
In case you're not happy with the version from the DVD, the Clannad OST should be released at Comiket 66 later this year. It'll contain a few remixed and unused tracks that aren't on the DVD.


The cover features Nagisa and a certain other spoiler-tastic character, so be warned.