View Full Version : Is this board broken?

2004-07-18, 07:50
This post isn't showing up in normal view mode, but I can see it in moderator mode... odd..

2004-07-18, 09:38
Yeah, sometimes I experience watching new posts on topics that seem to diappear... I have to run to the main forum page and click on the name of the poster and look up at his newest post to view it, but if I go to the board page the whole topic's gone.

2004-07-18, 11:24
Ah, it's appearing now... oh well, time to upgrade to 2.0.10 and hope that fixes it. ^^;

2004-07-18, 15:59
yeah i have noticed similar problems from both home computer and computer at uni.

2004-07-18, 20:17
I notice that the problem solves itself after a few hours. Maybe it's just a server update problem?

Hikari Tsukishiro
2004-07-19, 05:03
Yeah, the same happens to me to sometimes.